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Media, You’ve Been Scooped–Carnahan Busted!

(October 27, 2010) St Louis Tea Party Coalition has put it out there, on several occasions, but to no avail, it was shoved aside.  How can the media brush off a story that points to one of two things: Russ Carnahan’s camp is violating Federal Election Laws OR Carnahan’s Campaign is spending money on talking to dead people?  Both intriguing stories, and the former of the two is about to be busted wide open. did what the media– with the exception of Post-Dispatch’s Jake Wagman– failed.  He caught Russ Carnahan’s Campaign violating Federal Election Laws, and he has PROOF!  While the story has been out there for a week, the goods will be delivered today.  Listeners, tune into The Dana Show, 97.1 Talk FM at 2pm.

What does this mean for Russ Carnahan? Hefty fines and possible jail-time?  Not good for a man who just basically offended the entire Catholic population in the State of Missouri.  Russ Carnahan is in a highly contested race for Missouri’s Third Congressional District with Tea Party Superstar Ed Martin.  One question remains, will the voters finally get it?. . .Carnahan is a crook!


St. Louis Tea Party — Greater Fenton Precinct

Who loves America?  Who believes this is our last chance to Restore the Republic?  You?  Awesome!

We need to Get The Vote Out!

Join us in Fenton as we Rally to bring about awareness and name recognition.

Starting Tonight! 10/25/2010

Monday-Wednesday-Friday and Monday, Nov 1. From 5-6pm

Highway 141 and Hawkins Rd (in front of Jiffylube)

Bring family, friends, flags, signs, bullhorns, chairs. . .heck, bring a cooler and make it a dinner picnic!

Bring your Patriotism for one hour.

God Bless You and God Bless America!


Jen Ennenbach
St. Louis Tea Party
Block Captain– Greater Fenton Precinct

Battle for America Premiere

Reserve your seat now.  Be there. I will

RSVP Today!

Accountability. . .Not Just for Politicos Anymore

So. . .there’s this funny word called “Accountability”.  I first became accustomed to it once I discovered Christ and fell into a healthy church.  Didn’t really care for the word much, as it forced me to look at my own brokenness and answering to my maker.  I had a LOT of people holding me accountable to my own actions.

What happened was, I changed.  I became a much better person.  Sure it was hard.  It was humbling.  At times, I just wanted to smack someone.  But with time and guidance, I not only became more whole, but one well trained in sheparding accountability as well.

Fast forward to today, and let’s step out of the whole “biblical” accountability thing, and let us take it as “accountability” as defined.

As we look to status quo, accountability looks like the hot-button issue.  In the political genre, most main-stream Americans seem fed-up with the fact that their Representatives seemingly have had a deaf ear.  Enter: Accountability.  With the uprising Tea Party Movement, we have seen Incumbents on the run, and John Does on the verge of walking in.  Democrats are going down, RINOs are going down, Candidates and Elected Officials alike are entering into documented ACCOUNTABILITY to prove their allegiance to the Constituents via the Tea Party Treaty.

So here’s the thing. . .when is the Main-stream Media going to enter into accountability?  I mean, COME ON!!!  It’s beyond ridiculous!  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen one thing presented to the media as a simple gift, and it is twisted into a leftist-smeared collection of word-poop. . .and the sad part is, the ignorant lemmings who receive FREE newspapers (because they “can’t afford” it) read the garbage and take it as gospel truth!

Thank goodness main-stream media is going down thanks to citizen journalism!  Clearly, impassioned patriots, armed with little more than a recorder have much more credibility than a paid employee who will write what they write because they are paid to do so, or are in fear of losing their job.

I say let’s go!  Let the citizen journalists take on the main-stream media.  Let’s hold them accountable.  Proving Liberally-biased media as liars is GAME ON!  Call them out!  Expose the TRUTH!  They should be the next in the ever-rising unemployment numbers.  In fact, that is my new mission.  It’s feet-to-the-fire kiddos!

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