Media, You’ve Been Scooped–Carnahan Busted!

(October 27, 2010) St Louis Tea Party Coalition has put it out there, on several occasions, but to no avail, it was shoved aside.  How can the media brush off a story that points to one of two things: Russ Carnahan’s camp is violating Federal Election Laws OR Carnahan’s Campaign is spending money on talking to dead people?  Both intriguing stories, and the former of the two is about to be busted wide open. did what the media– with the exception of Post-Dispatch’s Jake Wagman– failed.  He caught Russ Carnahan’s Campaign violating Federal Election Laws, and he has PROOF!  While the story has been out there for a week, the goods will be delivered today.  Listeners, tune into The Dana Show, 97.1 Talk FM at 2pm.

What does this mean for Russ Carnahan? Hefty fines and possible jail-time?  Not good for a man who just basically offended the entire Catholic population in the State of Missouri.  Russ Carnahan is in a highly contested race for Missouri’s Third Congressional District with Tea Party Superstar Ed Martin.  One question remains, will the voters finally get it?. . .Carnahan is a crook!


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