Parent-Teacher Conferences in Rockwood School District Just Another NEA Plug

Last night, my family had a date-night.  We all went to my childrens’ elementary school in the Rockwood School District for the Book Fair and Parent-Teacher Conferences.  What was usually one of my favorite nights (because I get to hear how wonderful my kids are, and am offered new ways to challenge them), quickly raised eyebrows, as I noticed a badge ALL of the teachers were prominently sporting.  Every one of the teachers was wearing a badge that were encouraging parents to vote for 3 of the 6 current candidates for Rockwood’s School Board.  Wish I had thought to get a picture, or interview the teachers on who these Candidates were and why we should vote for them.  I sat there, instead of listening to how awesome my child was, I sat there thinking, “Is this the purpose of a Parent-Teacher Conference?  I mean, really, to subconsciously endorse Candidates via buttons via NEA backed union teachers who probably don’t even know the Candidates first names?”

For the record, these badges did actually have “NEA” written along the side, and in a clever acronym, KiDS, endorsed Keith Kinder for “K’, used little human figures for the “i”, Matt Doell for “D” and Steve Smith for “S”.  So I did a little research into Rockwood NEA, and if this doesn’t frighten you I don’t know what will.  These 3 Candidates have all accepted money from the NEA (in fact all but one current Candidate, Mike Geller, have accepted money from the NEA), and by their biographies, I do not see ANY advocacy for the children. . .which is who I thought the Board was supposed to be.  Checks and balances don’t seem to work so well when you stack the deck with the people who are the heart of the problem. . .mind you, they are getting PAID OFF for it as well.
So, in my conclusion on the shameful subconcious plug situation, I will be casting but ONE vote for Rockwood School Board of Directors (there is logic behind that– under-voting increases the power of your vote).  I will be voting for Mike Geller, the only candidate who rejected money from the self-proclaimed “progressive group of teachers”, who just so happens to be the only Candidate who seems to be in this for his children, and not some sort of political aspiration!  RNEA, your cute little plan seems to have back-fired on you!

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