Rebel Pundit delivers yet another classic!

But seriously folks, at the end of the day, what is this guy going to tell his grandkids he stood for while reminiscing 20 years from now.  “I yelled at Sarah Palin in Madison. . .and all I got was this lousy union t-shirt”???  Dude just looks like an idiot!

On that note, I hear the Union Tugs are busing into Jefferson City, Missouri tomorrow with Thug-In-Chief Hoffa leading the lemmings in their attempt to “You Know Ja!!!”

Say it again, go ahead. . .it’ll make you giggle!  “You Know Ja!!!”

Now try this one on for size: “Gaa Gaa Guy!!!  Gaa Gaa Guy!!!

Tee hee!”


1 Response to “YOU KNOW JA!!!”

  1. 1 Kurt April 18, 2011 at 7:10 pm

    Yeah, I really hate “Union Tugs”. Teachers, cops and firefighters are the scourge of society. Making thirty thousand a year AND paying taxes? That’s just un-American!

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