Citizen Journalist Rebel Pundit Threatened by Lone Protester’s Little Girl

So, last week, The Chicago Tea Party held a Tax Day Rally at Daley Plaza, in which a sole protester landed a starring role in one of’s latest videos.  The dude was clearly irrational, fine. . .I kinda feel sorry for those types anyway.  More importantly, he was out in public at a highly publicized event.  Granted, anybody could have stumbled upon a Rally that size. . .but he admittedly didn’t.  He even made and brought a sign.

So, yesterday, Rebel Pundit received the following message on their Youtube page:

Concerning one of your videos
You have a video of a gentleman at the tea party rally in Chicago this past tax day (Monday). I am requesting that you please remove it from Youtube as well as your website ““. If nothing is to be done on your side to remove this material from the internet, actions will be taken to make sure this video is removed and negative repercussions may follow.  It is quite evident that you were harassing this man, and there is no evidence of a video/photo release statement. If this video is not taken down in a timely manner, please be aware that you will be contacted again quite soon. If you have any questions or concerns, please send them to my email account: (We have unpublished the email address from this post upon polite request from the author of the letter.).  ‬BTW, I am not above ( LOL! Let alone BELOW) what was previously published scrubbed: & Stephanie Pinta on Twitter

Well, we here at the St Louis Tea Party Coalition take any and all threats very seriously.  We have a zero-tolerence policy for any form of discrimination concerning race, gender, preference, faith or right to free speech whatsoever.  We take threats seriously.  So, to be fair, Ms Stephanie Pinta (author of the above comment) was contacted for comment.

At first, Ms Pinta had an anonymous caller trying to speak on her behalf. Finally, Ms. Pinta chose to respond to her above threats by stating:

“It is very difficult for me to make any statements concerning this Youtube “threat” other than the fact it was not a threat. Misinterpretations of the clause “negative repercussions” is what I assuming sparked the term threat. I was not speaking of anything violent or any physical actions to be taken; I do not believe in violence as a means to make points. I was speaking of legal repercussions, which I should have disclaimed. I cannot take fault for misinterpretations; however, I will state that my intents were only to preserve privacy issues.”

Red Flag #1: OBVIOUSLY Ms. Pinta is NOT intending to implicate herself as in violation of IRPC Rule 5.5: Unauthorized Practice of Law.  But she did. . .unless she has Power-of-Attorney over her Daddy (yep, see below).  Further, if she did intend for that to mean “you’ll be hearing from my attorney”, um *most* people come right out and say it for the sheer sake of trying to scare someone.  Poor woman, in the Fruit-Loop day of “Vitriolic Rhetoric”, threatening language is all we have. . . but you knew that. Back-peddling is SO 2007!

“The truthful fact is my father was in that video, and I felt he was misrepresented. I stand for fair treatment and informative messages to be out there in the world. Obviously, my father was acting out of sorts. . .I wanted to protect my father, and I am sure that many can attest to these type of feelings.”

Red Flag #2:  He was out in public.  He has as much right to his free speech (including all of the profanity) as Rebel Punbit has to document it in a public forum.  Just because he’s your Daddy, doesn’t mean he is not accounable to what he says and does. Helpful piece of advice: Keep Daddy at home.

“He stated that being at the Daley Center reminded him back when he protested during the Vietnam War and after the Kent State incident. He marched in Elmhurst, Illinois as he was attending College of DuPage at the time with many other college students. The thing is he was there for almost the same reasons the members of the Tea Party were there for; their concerns for the country.”

Red Flag #3: What EXACTLY was he standing for? “Tea Party Sucks” is pretty vague.  Rebel Pundit, it seemed, was simply looking for an answer to one question: “Why does the Tea Party Suck?” A question Mr. Goofy McGooferson was never able to answer.

And finally:

” I am graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, and I quite familiar with all the debate over the economic status of our country.”

No Red Flag. . .Just a MAJOR LOL!


5 Responses to “Citizen Journalist Rebel Pundit Threatened by Lone Protester’s Little Girl”

  1. 1 Intellectual Honesty April 26, 2011 at 1:24 pm

    Ms. Pinta, this grandfather aged man called me and a group of individuals setting up a table motherf**kers at the time he asked what event was taking place on Monday, 18 April 2011 at Daley Plaza.

    Talk about double standards from the left!

    Talk about the shameful display from this grandfather aged man walking around Daley Plaza shouting obscenities from his mouth. He should be utterly ashamed of himself for talking with awful language.

  2. 2 Dan Freeman April 26, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    Nice post. Very informative. Thank you.

  3. 3 Vatriss April 27, 2011 at 12:17 am

    First of all, I think the last line of her quote should be: “ …and I {is} quite familiar with all the debate over the economic status of our country.”

    I don’t see any harrassment in asking someone why they are protesting something. If the best explanation they can provide is “Um, er, blahh, arghhh, &&*$(&*”, then we don’t have too much to worry about. Most of them can at least parrot back something they heard from Keith Olbermann.

  4. 4 who do you think May 22, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    Your Wrong the Man never said those words, I know I am the same person

    • 5 CryLiberty December 3, 2012 at 3:43 pm

      Hmm, the man and his daughter who continually make such claims under bogus email addresses that you quickly disable? Sure, I’ll buy that! Please disprove your claims. . .the burden falls upon you!

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