Patriots: GIRD YOUR LOINS! The UofM Narrative. . .

While this weekend is primarily an obsolete weekend as far as news is concerned, we need to hold tight and protect the narrative around this HUGE story.

While all main-stream media outlets will be focusing on the Royal Wedding, the botched launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavor, and the continuing coverage of the storm damage in the south, the progressives will be busy at work too. . .they are going to try to capitalize on twisting the narrative on the U of M Scandal.  We need to re-group and hold tight on this story!

Here’s what you can do:

1. Find EVERY story in the news, the blogs, Facebook and Twitter.  Comment in the comment boxes and then share them on social sites.  We need to affirm the true narrative on this story throughout the weekend!

2. Back up each story with previous research!  This is not anything *new*.  It’s been going on for quite some time! Check out Dr. David Horowitz’s 2007 article:  Indoctrination Curriculum at the University of Missouri, the 2009 article David Horowitz v Women’s Studies or recount the slanderous attacks Horowitz faced by Mizzou Professor Mariam Golomb and the “protest for credits” she arranged with her students during his visit to the campus in 2003.  See, Commies and Progressives HATE being called out for who they are and what they are doing, so they try to deflect by making noise. . .and it’s not just Dr. Horowitz.  Just start googling and discovering– then post it!  

3.  Don’t buy into the stale old “it was edited!!!” argument.  These videos may have been edited for the sake of timeliness, but were in NO WAY “hacked”.  This stuff is not taking out of context!  Why in the world would a Faculty member be endorsing extortion, industrial sabotage, violence, manipulation, scare tactics and criminal activity in a classroom.  This wasn’t a history class, for crying out loud!  It’s good to note that this is inappropriate content in a classroom setting.  Period.  

4. MELT THE PHONES! Per Bill Hennessy:

1.  Call the Chancellors of all three schools at the numbers listed below.  Tell them you demand that they fire everyone responsible for these classes, and that they take positive steps to prevent criminal instruction in the system.

  • Thomas F. George, Chancellor, University of Missouri-St. Louis  314-516-5252
  • Leo Morton, Chancellor, University of Missouri-Kansas City 816-235-1101
  • Brady J. Deaton , Chancellor, University of Missouri 573-882-3387

And the U of M Interim President, Steve Owens, (573) 882-2011
2. Call your Missouri State Senator and ask him or to demand a vote on SB1, a bill that would give Missouri workers the right to opt out of union membership.  You can look up your Senator here.
3.  Call Missouri House Speaker Steve Tilley  at 573-751-1488.  Tell Speaker Tilley you want SB1 voted on and passed, and you don’t care how many of his donors it irritates.
4. Call Governor Jay Nixon at Phone: (573) 751-3222

Tell each person you speak to you want:

  1. Shut down Labor Studies until the department’s been purged of anti-American radicals
  2. Fire Missouri state employees who invited David Giljum and that communist into classroom
  3. Apologize to Missouri taxpayers who pay $400 million a year for that university system
  4. Apologize to the students and their parents who sat through that filth
Your calls are absolutely imperative with our Legislators today especially, as our Lt. Governor Peter Kinder is pulling out all of the stops: He is addressing President Pro Tem Mayer, House Majority Leader Speaker Tilley, and the rest of the elected officials to call for a full investigation into this matter, including a scheduling of hearings (see below for more).
5. Follow hashtag “#mounion” on Twitter. Click on every link which upholds the truth of this story, and retweet it back out.
For full audio by Lt. Governor Peter Kinder on his plan of action, listen to yesterday’s airing of The Dana Show:

And here are a couple of stories to get you started on:

Kansas City Star (UMKC Refusing to Take Responsibility)

CBS Local (UMSL Looking into the Matter)

Missouri Statenews

Funny. . .Post-Distort Dispatch has made no mention of the situation.  Hmm. . .


1 Response to “Patriots: GIRD YOUR LOINS! The UofM Narrative. . .”

  1. 1 Culpeper April 29, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    Have you SEEN the unedited video?

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