Osama, er, uh, Usama Bin Laden is Dead!

I’m just one of those stubborn German folk who say proof is in the pudding. . .I want evidence of this!  That being said, a brilliant  man just stated:

Over 6,000 American and 10,000 allied warriors gave their lives as a result of Bin Laden’s evil. In addition to the 3,000 who dies 9/11 and the thousands of others who’ve died at Bin Laden’s hand.
From Ollie North’s testimony to Congress during the Iran-Contra Hearings in the Reagan Administration, we’ve been working toward this one man’s death.
This is a pivotal moment in US and world history.  After a spate of weak terrorism attacks to prove they can still act, I expect this roll back the advance of radical Islam.
We may never know the name of the sniper whose bullet carried Bin Laden’s wretched soul to the gates of Hell, But I’m about to break my drink fast to toast his honor.
That being said, show me the body.  We were all able to stomach through the Huessein hanging with a flag-wave and a beer!
In fact, if this all lines up, it’s Scotch all around on my dime!

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