Senator Rob Mayer, Rand Paul is on the Phone

With two days left in the Missouri State Session, we still have nothing to show for Right to Work.

Why? You might ask?  Seems that the Firefighter’s Union and their lynch-pin lobbyist Neal English have shaken down pro-Right-to-Work legislators, including President Pro Tem Rob Mayer.

Now, I like Senator Mayer.  I’ve gone to bat for him on several occasions.  He seems to like me too. . .but this late in the session, I’m not even confident even a phone call will be taken. I’d really like to address my concerns with him about not getting one labor issue passed during this last session.  But Rand Paul took the words right out of my mouth:

Without any resolution this session on a single labor issue, it seems that the unions are gaining control of the GOP.  Sad day.

I certainly hope Senator Mayer can muster up the courage to stand firm to everything he set his career upon this 2011 session, beat the thugs back and do justice for the State of Missouri.  We can’t afford to lose anymore jobs.  We can’t afford to lose any more opportunity.  We can not afford to be run by blood-sucking unions.  I will stand behind the Senator, should he take such a stand. . .after all, he’ll need the support in his run for Attorney General.

If you’re feeling antsy, go ahead and give him a call at (573) 751-3859.


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