Artist Creates Obama Sculpture Out of Dung

One of my artsy-fartsy progtard friends (name with-held) actually collected 500 pounds of human and animal dung and sculpted a life-size likeness of the President.  That was a dream I had last night, anyway.  What’s worse is, in that dream, the main-stream media actually came out screaming “Racism!!!”  Would you expect anything but???
I know, right now you’re saying to yourself “what a cheap post…I wanted to see the sculpture”, but in reality, our “gifted” ones would create a liikeness of Bush (because EVERYTHING is still his fault), but they would never bless The Chosen One with such a timely feat.


1 Response to “Artist Creates Obama Sculpture Out of Dung”

  1. 1 Mongrol June 16, 2011 at 9:54 pm

    I make a one pound sculpture of Obama everyday.

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