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Tea Partiers Assaulted at Senator McCaskill’s “Kitchen Table Talk” Townhall Meeting

I had plenty to do today, and had my day played out differently, I probably would have gotten it all done. . . but first, I had to head off to a meeting.  It was a “Kitchen Table Talk” Townhall Meeting, “hosted” (though she never actually showed up) by Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO).

As a private citizen, acting in no official capacity other than as a constituent, I got to ask my question:

“I would like an answer from the Senator, which I have been asking her for months now– After 71% of the Missouri voter base overwhelmingly voted “NO” to Obamacare, why did she feel she was being “representative” of her constituents by voting for it again?”

. . .to which McCaskill Field Director Brendan Fahey responded “Thank you for coming in today”.  I pushed further for an answer, but was simply thanked again.  In fact, I can’t think of a single question that was actually answered there. . .and this is why:

THIS is what was taped to the front door of the room where the public meeting, hosted by a public figure, in a public building, funded bypublic tax dollars.  (This was at the Oak Bend Library Branch in Kirkwood, MO) Now, at first, I had assumed it was because they did not want any evidence of the fact that not a single question was answered.  (There was also a copy of this at the head table where Fahey sat) Upon looking at it a second time, I noticed it said absolutely nothing about cameras.

Enter citizen journalist.  I have known this man for a while, and can attest to the fact that he is a kind and honest man who we will simply call “John”.  He is also an avid Tea Partier  He began snapping photos at this public meeting, and one woman got upset.  He assured her that he would not publish a photo of her since she asked.  He was then asked to leave.  At that moment, I pointed out there is no assumption of privacy in a public forum, and the Supreme Court has upheld this on multiple occasions.

After that, I excused myself briefly to take a call, and returned back to the meeting for the last 5 minutes of meeting time.  Not wanting to distract, I chose to stand along the wall rather than walking back to my seat.  Standing next to the John, who at this point had been accused of not being “real media” because he doesn’t write for the PD, I watched him snap a shot of another man airing a grievance, who at that point turned to the John and shouted “You do not have permission to publish that picture!”

What happened next happened so fast, I hardly had time to react.  I man jumped from his seat and got in between John and myself and began pushing him out of the room as he kept yelling “Get the hell out!”  I told this man to get his hands off of John, to which he responded “He’s pushing me!”

Another, larger man, joined in, opened the door and was trying to pull John out.  This man also pulled out his cellphone and started shoving it in John’s face.  John was now being assaulted by two men.

At this point a third man entered the scene and tried to break up the situation, but the weight of four men pushing against my small frame was pinning me against the wall.  I had nowhere to go.

Finally, the second man went for John’s camera and in a final push, knocked John into me and I was then slammed into the wall, hitting my head and shoulder, and somehow had two men standing on my legs.

Senator McCaskill’s staffers immediately shut down the meeting.  John managed to snap a few more pictures of his assailants as they fled the meeting.

The police were called and reports have been filed.  McCaskill’s office has been instructed to turn over the sign-in list of all attendees at the end of the day and John is sharing photographs with the police so they can identify the assailants.

Honestly, they’re better off turning themselves in, but I won’t hold my breath that THUGS would ever actually do that.

That’s the difference between progressive thugs and true Tea Party Patriots, I can go all day in a meaningful exchange using my wit and words. . .yet, when a progressive doesn’t get their way, they turn to violence.  I personally, feel it is never okay to touch ot hurt another person. . .EVER!  They don’t.

What was all that screaming about “peace” and a “new tone”?  Oh, I forgot, that street only goes one way.

Good news is, I’m okay, and so is John.  But this chicka has had enough excitement for one day.  I’m in no way intimidated, I’m just ready for a coctail.


The Martin Baker Challenge

My apologies, I set this post to go out from my phone yesterday. It failed.

I can not stress enough the importance of this man’s message!  Martin Baker is my friend, true, but he is also who what I truly believe the 1st Congressional District of Missouri needs to for it’s own restoration and survival. . . Here is why:

Over the past few days and weeks, America has seen and heard speeches made by members of the Congressional Black Caucus containing statements accusing the Tea Party Movement of “holding Congress hostage” and, even worse, telling Tea Party Americans that they could go “straight to Hell”.  Statements such as those are hardly a sign of bipartisanship or even civil discourse in the “new tone” that President Obama has encouraged. As a member of the Tea Party Movement and as a Black American, I am personally insulted by the comments made by Congresswomen Wilson and Waters.  Comments such as those cause unnecessary hostility between two groups of great Americans. Instead of following the admonition of former President Reagan to find what we can agree on, these two distinguished Representatives of the People have chosen to use acidic vitriol to attack citizens who are politically different from them.
Today, I am inviting both of these distinguished ladies to St Louis, Missouri to tell me and my Tea Party compatriots in person why we should go straight to Hell. Congresswoman Waters should know the way here, having been born and raised in our esteemed area and a graduate of Vashon High School, which is in the St Louis Public School District. Unfortunately now, that area and district has changed remarkably since her departure. If she comes, she will come home to a nearly 17% unemployment in the African-American Community, high crime rates, and diminished hope. I would like to ask her what her comments do to address the needs for real education and healthcare reform, what they do to reduce unemployment, and finally, what they do to stop the out-of-control government spending of our taxpayer dollars both here in St Louis and nationwide.
I know that it is not Congresswoman Waters’ responsibility to answer the questions of the residents of St Louis, Missouri, yet I still warmly invite her here to reconnect with her roots. While I await her response, her colleague in the CBC who does represent St Louis, the Honorable Congressmen Clay, should take the opportunity to formally address her comments on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, either to stand by them or more properly denounce them as mean-spirited remarks unbecoming of a U.S. Representative. Americans understand that the use of hateful language does not advance dialogue amongst divergent groups, so I further invite CBC Chairman Cleaver and the whole CBC to show respectful leadership by demonstrating that they are ready to listen to the views of all Americans and work together to move our country forward.
Respectfully Submitted
Martin D Baker
(R) Candidate United States Congress Missouri First District

Will Wilson or Waters respond?  Heck, no!!! They have far too little respect for the black demographic, and the slavery these people live under via entitlement rule on a daily basis. . . Shh!  I know, don’t give away the secrets!  Truth be told, as long as that 17% remains supressed under government gangsta bucks, they will always be true to the Democrats. . . and they will never truly realize their true potential, the potential that God has birthed in them.  That breaks my heart.

Who knows, maybe I am completely wrong, and one of the racists will show up and take on Candidate Baker.  I’ve seen some really strange things in my day.

The FED Will Take Over ALL Communication on 11-9-2011!!!

Here’s a blotter I got from a local Police Cheif.  If THIS doesn’t freak you out, I don’t know what will.  From the Chief’s blotter in a message to CERT trained professionals to “help easing in panic”:

A message from Chief Jack Plummer:
In an article related to the possibility of overwhelming calls that could occur to 911 centers because of the first-ever national test of the Emergency Alert System, which is scheduled for November 9th at 2 pm Eastern time, it was suggested that “Local officials should be heavily and directly involved in getting the message out that this is only a test.”
“The test will be the first time the White House has taken over radio, TV, cable and certain satellite programs simultaneously.”
Unlike local test you “will not be able to tune away from it.”
The article suggested that the word be put out through social media, fliers and news releases of the upcoming test.
We expect more information to come out as we get closer.
Jim Cox
Community Services Officer
Kirkwood Police Department
131 W. Madison Ave.
Kirkwood, MO 63122-4280
Fax: (314)984-5917

Sound familiar?  Just sayin. . . .

Fenton Alert! Possible Child Predator Spotted

I received the following notice from a friend last night (names of the family involved has been changed for their protection):

Hi Everyone,
I will try to make this a quick story, but I was told by an officer to spread the word.
Last week, Kate and Julia were walking up to the High School to watch fall sports tryouts.  A white van with Navy blue striping around it  kept following them by passing and the man was streching his neck watching them.  By the time they reached the front of the subdivision he was coming back for the 5th time so they hid.  When he passed, they ran through yards to get to a friend’s house.
We contacted John Colombini and the next day missing persons contacted us, I’m sure following leads for the little girl in the bootheel.  Today, an officer came by with a photo lineup of 6 men.  Kate and Julia both identified the man they are interested in.  There has been several complaints of the white van in our area following girls, watching them and doing some gross things in his vehicle.
Please make your daughters aware of this.  If they are suspicious of a van slowing to watch them or anything, they need to go the other direction, call police, anything. better if they walk with someone.
Hopefully they pick this creep up soon.
These girls are of older elementary school age.  This is very frightening!  Empower your children with knowledge and street-smarts. . .and ALWAYS pray!

UPDATE!!! They got the slimeball in custody due to the diligence of watchful neighbors!

A New Strategy: Shut Down the Fed By Witholding From the IRS?

So, I was just thinking, what if we all adjusted our deductions so we pay no taxes until the end of the year? Could this shut down the Fed?  I mean, if a couple million people simply didn’t contribute to the tax base for a month?
Obviously the suits-that-be are not going to listen to us as long as they have money.  Money is power…without it, they have no power.  Can we make ourselves loud and clear once and for all?

UPDATE: I am in no way suggesting that anyone not pay their taxes! I fully believe in “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, reder unto God what is God’s”. A sequestered tax payment would likely have to be deposited into an escrow account. When making such financial decisions, always seek legal advice by an attorney in your state.

I am not a tax attorney, CPA, or financial expert and the above thought is in simply that. It is not to be taken as advice of any kind.

Pay It Forward

I was reminded last night of a situation I found myself in Chicago a few years back around St. Patrick’s Day. Always aware of my surroundings and what I could walk into just down the road…

We had spent a rare night out sans children and stayed at a hotel downtown, and chose to sleep in and brunch it at the John Hancock building.  I chose to eat at an all-you-can-eat soup bistro. Totally delish! As I was decidedly full, I was informed by staff that I could take soup to go…so naturally, I loaded up (trust me, with the prices you pay there, it’s worth it to make your buck back).  I also gathered condiments and extra spoons and napkins.  As I left, I prayed.  I prayed hard.

On the streets in the heart of Chicago, you find more beggers than shoppers, but as I walked, I found God leading me to the quiet needy. At the end of the day, as we finished shopping a store on Michigan Avenue, I noticed a woman, sitting in the fetal position on the frozen concrete, trying to clutch a sign to hold up…her face buried in her arms.

I stopped.  I soon learned through gasps and tears her name was Mary, she has 5 children, and a nasty case of depression that prevented her from getting through an interview to land a job.  She needed food for her kids. Sadly, I had given it all away.  Instead, I asked if I could pray for her…to which she gratefully accepted.

So, there I kneel on the icy ground with Mary. My husband stood back watching, nervous and anxious as, I later learned, countless people walked by with looks of disgust at what I was doing.  I guess it’s because OMG who in the world would sit down with a poor, black, single mother and pray??? Me.

I don’t remember what I said, but as I finished, I found an extra bowl of crackers in my pocket…which was all I had to offer her. She looked up, still weeping, and said “Thank you. You’re an angel. I needed you today.”

After that, we walked…and walked, and walked.  I could sense my husband was processing.  He later grabbed me and hugged me tight.

The point of this post??? To toot my own horn, of course!  Of course!  That’s totally me.  Actually, though he never told until later, my husband told me it was an inspiration (which I may post about later), which led him to follow in the practice of random acts of kindness.

For me, it wasn’t a singular feel-good moment, it is a regular practice in my life…because that is what God commanded me to do.  It’s what we are all supposed to do.  Follow the Golden Rule…trust me.

***This is a true story brought to you by a Tea Partier. THIS is who we are!

Seal Team 6– Investigate the White House!!!

He is undoubtedly, absolutely, 100% RIGHT!!!!!!

Call your Senators and Reps today!

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