I Condemn Vice President’s Remarks

As Joe Biden likened Tea Party advocates to “terrorists”, outrage poured in.  I have never in my life dealt with as many phone calls on a single issue!

I guess I have to say, I am a proud Tea Party Terrorist…here’s the deal:

Day in the life of a terrorist:
7am: Son with automatic internal clock jumps into bed…followed by cuddle time
7:09am son wakes daughter up
7:12am Breakfast (for the kids, sometimes forget myself)
7:19am first load of laundry
7:26am check email
9:14am finally remember to eat breakfast
9:23am let dogs in and feed them
9:29am start rounding the kids up for errands and getting them in the car
10:18am FINALLY in the car!
3:43pm home from errands, putting food away and thawing meat for dinner
4:01pm off to pool
4:09pm at pool swimming
6:03pm leaving pool
6:11pm home, telling the kids to take showers andget into fresh clothes, cooking dinner
6:53pm late dinner
7:58pm 7 year-old was not co-operative with dinner, finally claning up and having terrorist husband play with kids while I do dishes
8:30pm bed-time for the kids…brushing teeth, reading and prayers
9:14pm first of “I need a drink of water/ I can’t sleep” campaigns
10:13pm FINALLY got the kids down, grabbing a beer
10:18pm husband starts whatever we are watching to wind down tonight: intro credits roll
10:18 1/2pm I’m asleep
*Note: My cellphone has been on all this time so I’ve been lobbing calls, texts and emails the whole time

THAT, my friends, is the day in the life of a terrorist.  Glamorous, I know. But those of us terrorizing the globe need to live a low-key life!

I’m sure I failed to mention that I somehow manufactured a panty-bomb during my uninterrupted 45 second pee break! It killed thousands, including myself…

So with a quick sneak-peak into my life (which I would not change for anything), you can clearly see I am a terrorist…in fact most of my friends who live this life are!

Mr. Vice President, I take complete offense to you calling me or any other American like me a terrorist…in fact, I believe you personally owe me and apaology as well as every other American you aimed your foul mouth toward. You are a disgrace. You clearly are not of leadership material…in fact, you need to RESIGN for calling American Citizens “terrorists”. It is a “Big F*cking Deal” Mr Vice President! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!


1 Response to “I Condemn Vice President’s Remarks”

  1. 1 Greg Zotta August 5, 2011 at 4:34 am

    Joe Biden, the plagiarist, thinks Patriotic Tea Party members are ‘Terrorists.’ The difference between a Patriot and a Terrorist depends on what side you are on. So who are the ‘REAL TERRORISTS?’ It’s you Joe and all the other Statists.

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