Seal Team 6– Investigate the White House!!!

He is undoubtedly, absolutely, 100% RIGHT!!!!!!

Call your Senators and Reps today!


1 Response to “Seal Team 6– Investigate the White House!!!”

  1. 1 Discerning August 9, 2011 at 12:22 am

    Traitors at the highest levels of government they don’t give a damn about loss of life(typical Marxist ideology) We need an INDEPENDENT new Un-American Activities Group(NOT the Socialists in Congress) Oathkeeper military top brass who can strategically stop the bleeding of information to the enemy et al. This appears like a deliberate set-up; why all on one helo and not the correct type to fly into this area? Now the lies begin and grow, and the buck stops w/the Marxist in the Red House. Reminds me of that film Harrison Ford played in where the president was involved w/drug cartels and all the top intel men were ambushed(a deliberate set-up). Deja vu Pat Tillman’s assassination.

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