Fenton Alert! Possible Child Predator Spotted

I received the following notice from a friend last night (names of the family involved has been changed for their protection):

Hi Everyone,
I will try to make this a quick story, but I was told by an officer to spread the word.
Last week, Kate and Julia were walking up to the High School to watch fall sports tryouts.  A white van with Navy blue striping around it  kept following them by passing and the man was streching his neck watching them.  By the time they reached the front of the subdivision he was coming back for the 5th time so they hid.  When he passed, they ran through yards to get to a friend’s house.
We contacted John Colombini and the next day missing persons contacted us, I’m sure following leads for the little girl in the bootheel.  Today, an officer came by with a photo lineup of 6 men.  Kate and Julia both identified the man they are interested in.  There has been several complaints of the white van in our area following girls, watching them and doing some gross things in his vehicle.
Please make your daughters aware of this.  If they are suspicious of a van slowing to watch them or anything, they need to go the other direction, call police, anything. better if they walk with someone.
Hopefully they pick this creep up soon.
These girls are of older elementary school age.  This is very frightening!  Empower your children with knowledge and street-smarts. . .and ALWAYS pray!

UPDATE!!! They got the slimeball in custody due to the diligence of watchful neighbors!


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