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***Rockwood Alert*** Rockwood Stakeholders for Real Solutions Requests Missouri State Audit

Well, it’s about time somebody moved on this.

As the economy continues to tank, taxes continue to rise in Rockwood, and that money is being funneled directly into the Rockwood School Board, not the schools.  Teachers are continually receiving 3% pay increase per year, while more and more taxpayers are losing jobs.  The justification for that? And I quote “Because that’s they way we’ve always done it.”  Seriously? I’m not buying that answer, because things now are not as they always were.

So when I received this about ten minutes ago, I was tickled:

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 21, 2011

Rockwood Stakeholders for Real Solutions has sent a request to the Missouri State Auditors office to investigate the following stated in the email below.

To Whom It May Concern: Attached is a zip file containing documents connecting; 1. Rockwood School District2. Glenn Construction – the RSD Construction Program Mgr for the past 17 yrs.3. Rockwood School District Educational Facilities Authority – see below4. Steve Smith, Board President and employee of Glenn Construction

“The sole project of RSDEFA at this point is (i) the issuance of Leasehold Revenue Bonds, Series 2002 (Rockwood R-6 School District, St. Louis County, Missouri Project), in the aggregate principal amount of $8,210,000 (the “Bonds”), for the purpose of providing funds to (a) construct, furnish and equip an early childhood/special education center (the “Project”) (the Project Site and that portion of the Project being installed thereon being collectively referred to herein as the “Leased Facilities”), (b)  refinance certain prior equipment leases of the District, a portion of such equipment being situated at Babler Elementary School, which constitutes a portion of the Lease Facilities, and (c) pay the costs of issuance of the Bonds; (ii) lease the Leased Facilities to the District; (iii) enter into a Site Lease (the “Site Lease”) with the District under which the District will lease the Project Site to the Corporation; and (iv) enter into a Lease Agreement (the “Lease”) with the District under which the Corporation will cause the proceeds of the Bonds to be used to finance costs of the Project and will lease the Leased Facilities to the District in consideration of rental payments by the District which are to be sufficient, during the Lease Term (as defined in the Lease), to pay the principal of, redemption premium, if any, and interest on the Bonds as the same become due”.  source:  email from Scott Tate, Director of Finance, RSD

RS for RS feels this is, at the minimum, an “appearance of impropriety” if not a blatant conflict of interest.

1. Mr. Smith is an employee of Glenn Construction – the RSD Construction Program Manager for the past 17 yrs.
2. Mr. Smith is the President of the RSD Board of Education
3. Mr. Smith is the Vice President of the RSDEFA

On September 18th and 19th when RS for RS reached out to Glenn Construction for a meeting with James Glenn and Arthur Floyd, we were instructed by Steve Smith to provide him a list of our concerns and he would bring it to their attention.  
Please advise as to the proper step to file a request for an investigation.Direct all questions and request for additional information to; Eileen Tyrrell, Co-Founder and Spokesperson @ 636-222-8305.Respectfully,

Rockwood Stakeholders for Real Solutions

The 2012 Game Changer: Champion The Vote

Bill Dallas, CEO of United In Purpose, a non-partisan, non-profit organization whose mission is to actively advance the traditional values of America’s founding fathers, may have just introduced the St Louis Tea Party Coalition, and political activists everywhere the 2012 game change.  Dallas, along with COO of UiC Reid Rutherford, have recently launched Champion the Vote, a voter registration initiative.

According to the website, in 2008, the actual number of votes between candidates in the state of Missouri was 3,903 votes.  As well, during the same year, there were 102,522 unregistered conservative Christians in the state.  Champion the Vote is an initiative designed to identify those unregistered voters, right down to a very neighborhood, and get them registered to vote.

According to the Champion the Vote website, the “Champion for Change” issues are:

• Right to life
• Religious freedom
• Traditional marriage
• God and government
• Morality and ethics
• Voter registration
• Prayer in the public arena

The organization has created quite a buzz in Silicon Valley, which is experiencing it’s own insurgence of a growing socially conservative army, according to the LA Times.  Their premise is simple: Love God, Love Country…and talk to other Christians about the importance of voting.

On November 12, Champion the Vote will be presenting a 3 hour event, One Nation Under God, in which “Champions” and churches can host a house party and view a powerful presentation:

We are encouraging all Champions to sign up to host a One Nation Under God house party on November 12 for free. In this powerful 3-hour event, the truth about the Biblical foundation of our nation will be explored by spiritual, political, and educational leaders such as Dr. James Dobson, Bob McEwen, David Barton, and more!

So now it is time to do your civic duty.  Your duty to God, your duty to your Country. . .and for the future of our children and grandchildren.  Let’s rock the vote by finding the over 3,000,000 unregistered Christian voters.  Go to Champion the Vote and sign up now, and consider hosting a One Nation Under God event on November 12!

Warren Buffett, The Hypocrite Exposed

While Warren Buffet continues with his blatherings of  “The rich need to pay more”, I received a very interesting plea for help concerning one of his employees who he is apparently willing to simply let  unravel.  This just entered my inbox:

Not sure if you can help me or if you would even want to touch this issue. One of my coworker’s  husband, is going to be losing his job on Oct 3rd. He was diagnosed with sarcoma, almost 6 months ago, in his shoulder. Over the past 6 months, he has endured multiple rounds of chemo to reduce the tumor. We had hopes that he would not have to lose his arm, shoulder, his clavicle, and scapulae. He has lost that fight and will be undergoing surgery to remove these parts on Sept 27th. The reason I am contacting you is, Gary <last name withheld until he contacts CryLiberty directly with permission to print>>, has worked for Cerro Flow Products LLC, a company owned by Berkshire Hathaway, or Warren Buffett, for 39 years. Gary received a 6 month period to hold his job. His 6 months is up on Oct 3rd. Gary wanted to return to work for 2 weeks to be able to hold his job, until after his surgery. He was told by HR, that he was a health risk and safety risk. His response was, “because I have cancer?” This man has been loyal to this company for 39 years and they are pushing him out the door. The type of work he performs does not require him to have all of his extremities. He is in a position of troubleshooting. My friend, Karla <Gary’s wife>, will be getting me the specifics of his position, so I have all the information. I wrote to Warren Buffett to bring this terrible injustice to his attention. I did not want to put this out there until I gave him some time to respond. I believe Mr. Buffett had zero knowledge of this and I was counting on him being a compassionate man who would appreciate an employee that has served his company for 39 years. I thought that someone like Mr. Buffett, who has been flapping his mouth about how he needed to pay more in taxes, would think he needed to stand behind this employee. I totally would understand if Gary was unable to complete his work due to he illness. But, Gary, is not losing his brain, only one quarter of his body. He will not need physical therapy, as there is nothing left to therapy. He will only undergo occupational therapy to learn how to function without one arm. As I said, I don’t know if you would want to help, or even if you can help. But, I feel if we can get it on the airwaves and Mr. Buffett hears about it, maybe he can make a difference. If Gary doesn’t keep his job, he is going to have to go on disability. This is not the type of man that wants to sit back and do nothing. He is willing to work hard to keep working. Please help me to help him do this. When I wrote the letter to Warren Buffett, I have no way of knowing if he even received it. I did leave him my number and address, but I have heard nothing.

Thanks for listening.


I believe the woman who sent me this did give fair time for Mr. Buffett to respond.  What an injustice.  Mr. Buffett has a net-worth of $62 Billion.  Billion!  Who in the world needs that much money?  Mr Buffett could put his money where his mouth is, pay off half of that to the National Debt, and still live comfortably. . .and help this poor man and his family keep his job, as well as his life, and even then still live comfortably.

Buffet, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, the largest financial contributor to Planned Parenthood via The Buffet Foundation, announced in June 2003 that Berkshire Hathaway would cease Planned Parenthood Contributions after Pampered Chef (purchased by Berkshire Hathaway in 2002) Representatives launched a word-of-mouth boycott of their own company to solidify their pro-life stance versus the billionaire’s contributions to the abortion-happy clinics.  Since then, money had been funneled to Planned Parenthood through the Buffet Foundation, Chaired by Buffett’s daughter, Susie Buffett.

Contributions to Planned Parenthood, upon the Obama supporter’s death, will likely increase, as he has purportedly changed his will to contribute 80-85% of his estate to the Gates Foundation, also a huge Planned Parenthood Contributor. . .to which Bill Gates served as Board Member for.

So, it seems while Mr. Buffett speaks out of one side of his mouth, his hand signing the checks are saying quite the contrary.  You can not speak of nobility when you contribute to the premeditated homicide of an unborn human being, nor can you call on others to stand up and do the right thing when you turn a blind eye to a dedicated employee being discriminated against due to health conditions.  You, sir, are a hypocrite.

In the mean time, I lift Gary and his family up in prayer, that the Lord may Bless them and Keep them, that He may look upon them with Grace, and that he would smile upon them.  I ask for healing, protection, and joy over them Lord. Amen.

Rally in Jefferson City Saturday September 17

If you’ve been following the efforts to implement federal health insurance exchanges here in Missouri, essentially paving the way for Obamacare, you just learned that Gov. Nixon is one signature away from an executive order to do it anyway – even though the Senate killed the bill last year. Update: As of 4:00 pm today, the Senate persuaded the governor’s office to not sign the order at least through today.
71.1% of voters said they do not want Obamacare! If Nixon thinks the tea party movement has grown tired and gone home, please help us show him reality! We have a huge opportunity to make our voices heard this Saturday at 10:15 am on the Capitol steps, since the press will be there as well as our legislators.

The following excerpt illustrates the effectiveness of well-defined activism and perseverance. It’s the story of Phyllis Schlafly’s fight against the ERA in the late 70’s: 

“The battle over the (equal rights) amendment was literally played out in… Alton, Illinois, where Phyllis Schlafly ran her campaign against the amendment from her home… Vigils were held at the State Capitol in Springfield; marches were held in Chicago… Illinois remains to this day one of the 15 states that has not ratified the ERA, even though efforts continue despite the deadline.” (source)
If you supported Prop C in any way, you owe it to yourself, your children and your grandchildren to make every effort to show up to keep the gate closed on Obamacare!

Possible bonus: Keep in mind that the more effective we can make Saturday’s protest, the more Nixon is also revealed as a FAILED governor during his run for re-election.
Please take part in Saturday’s to-do list:
1. Forward this email to everyone you know.
2. Call everyone you know if they don’t use use the internet.
3. Plan your carpool.
4. If you cannot make it, please send someone in your place.
5. If you’re bringing signs, please keep them clean such as “Listen to the People!”
6. Make preparations to put messages on your car for the trip to Jefferson City.
7. Contact us if you have a pop-up canopy to lend for Saturday.
8. Stay tuned for printed statements we would like from everyone for even greater impact or for additional updates.

Thank you for standing with Missouri.

St Louis Tea Party Coalition Makes Nixon a Better Offer– Updated

The St Louis Tea Party Coalition has a much better offer for Governor than mandated health care…but first, here’s what happened:

Yesterday, it was rumored that Missouri Governor Jay Nixon was, pen in hand, about to sign an Executive Order overturning Propisition C, a measure passed last August which would protect Missourians for nationalized health care. 

Note top of article by CBS affiliate KMOX:

Partisan blood pressure was on the rise in Jefferson City over a proposal to accept a federal grant to set up healthcare exchanges that would help coordinate President Obama’s healthcare reform in Missouri.

Senators Lembke, Cunningham and Schaaf stormed the Governor’s secret meeting with the Missouri Health Insurance Plan Board and stopped Nixon from accepting a $21 million federal bribe to implement Obamacare (via health insurance exchanges) by Executive Order. (H/T Caroline Mueller)

Note bottom of article by CBS affiliate KMOX:

Last year,  71 percent of Missouri voters approved Proposition C, which sought to protect Missourians from the federal mandate to participate in Obama’s healthcare reform.

And smack-dab in the middle of the article from CBS affiliate KMOX:

Governor Nixon’s office is declining to comment on the flap, referring all questions to the Missouri Department of Insurance.

No comment??? Why in the world not. . .unless, of course it is true.

It’s worth noting that the KMOX article was stacked too, I love how this story seems to minimize the fact that 71.1% of the State’s pupulation voted against Obamacare, yet seeming demonized the brave Senators who stood up for that 71.1%, and the integrity of their vote.

That being said, St Louis Tea Party Coalition Co-Founder Bill Hennessy has a counter-offer for the Governor.  “I’ll lease him a system I call “the Internet” for $22 million a year. You just type “health insurance” in the big bar at the top, and you get this list of options.  You can find pretty good, high deductible insurance for as little $323/mo for a family of 4, including a childbearing age woman.” Hennessy said in a statement late last night.  He continues “This Internet of which I speak is accessible for free in any public library.”

Whether the Governor is willing to take Hennessy up on his offer is doubtful, but should he, the organization would have that much more revenue to continue to promote logical rationale as seen by Hennessy, and 3 brave Senators.

I agree, much better offer for Missourians.


From KCTV5:

A state board had been expected to vote Thursday on the expenditure of more than $13 million to prepare for a state-run “health insurance exchange,” which would allow people to shop for insurance through an online marketplace. If states don’t adopt their own such plans, the federal government is to start running the exchange by 2014.

And from Business Week:

After several Republican senators raised concerns, Missouri insurance officials backed off plans Thursday to start spending millions of federal dollars on the computer technology needed to implement part of the new federal health care law backed by President Barack Obama.

(H/T Jimi971)

Entitlement Mentality Personified

I really don’t think I have to add much commentary on this. . .these two do a great job of demonstrating the reality of it all. . .

. . .and really ticking off Judge Judy!

(H/T Melissa Worthen Seaman)

Contribute to St Louis Tea Party Association Without Spending a Dime!

Do you love the St Louis Tea Party Coalition?

Do you wish you could donate to the cause, but you’re too strapped finacially?

Do you “Google” things on the internet?

Well, we have the perfect solution for you!

Beginning today, you can now help raise money for the grassroots organization without spending a dime.  Simply go to Goodsearch and create an account, and choose “St Louis Tea Party Coalition” as the organization you want to support.  Now instead of using Googls, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, or whatever search engine you typically use, simply use Goodsearch for all your internet inquiries.

Each search used provides one cent per search toward the organization.  Imagine you run twenty searches per day.  That’s twenty cents you are contributing to the organization, could you imagine if our 5,000 members all did that?  That would generate $1,000 per day toward STLTPC! . . . and all with doing nothing but switching search engines!  Imagine the impact we could have with that kind of financial support!

Every Penny Counts!

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