Must See: Last Ounce of Courage Premiere

Don’t miss your chance to see the film Last Ounce of Courage brought to you by Kevin McAfee, Executive Producer of End of the Spear.  If you can get get to Branson for this screening on September 18th, do it!

For more screening info, visit Last Ounce of Courage

Last Ounce of Courage 2 min from Kevin McAfee on Vimeo.



Media Release
September 1, 2011
Branson, MO

For Immediate Release

LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE “Directors Cut” Movie Premiere

Sunday September 18, 2011 4:00 pm

     BRANSON, Mo. – The Tea Party Patriot HQ, Andy Williams Moon River Theater and Veritas Communications Inc. are pleased to bring the Directors Cut Movie Premiere to The Moon River Theater in honor of all those families who have sacrificed for freedom for our nation.

    On Sunday September 18 at 4:00 pm, the LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE will be shown in the Moon River Theater 2500 W 76 Country Blvd Branson, MO 65616 (417) 334 4500. Tickers are $5.00 and you can receive a $1.00 off coupon by visiting the Tea Party Patriot HQ located at 302 Veterans Blvd Branson, MO 65616 (417) 973 0034.  The movie has been endorsed by Tony Orlando, Chuck Norris and many military generals partnering with FOLDS OF HONOR and WARRIORS OF FREEDOM with Major Ed Pulido. VERITAS, is unique in the film industry creating films for family, faith and freedom.  The company focusing on family friendly entertainment with “God and Country” messages of patriotism and is now in pre-production for a Civil War historical fiction movie, SWORDS OF FIRE about the Battle of Franklin in November 1864.

This film was shot in partnership with Eastern Gate Films in Kansas and Colorado. “LAST OUNCE” is an emotionally powerful story of a Veteran Medal of Honor winner, Bob Revere who becomes Mayor and is fed up with the political correctness being forced on his small town.  The Mayor is played by renowned actor Marshall Teague – starring in such movies as ROAD HOUSE, THE ROCK and ARMAGEDDON as well as appearing in many popular television series and Jennifer O’Neil of SUMMER OF 42 co-stars with Jenna Boyd from SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS in the movie.

Powerfully portrayed, Bob Revere is facing a root of bitterness from his past filled with heartbreaking loss. His grandson comes back into his life after many years to ask a most important question, “What are we doing with our life to make a difference and take a stand?” Special appearances courtesy of FOX NEWS, Bill O’Reilly playing himself on the O’REILLY FACTOR begins a dialogue among the family to question their own sacrifice and purpose.  Bob had grown apathetic along with an entire town while freedoms are slipping away, one law at time.  Now with the help of children and a group of faithful citizens, the town bands together to inspire hope and take back the freedoms that are being lost. Citizens take a stand for truth, for their faith and for family culminating into a true heroic roof top moment for the citizens of this small American town.

In attendance on September 18 will be LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE Producer/Director Mr. Kevin McAfee who Executive Produced END OF THE SPEAR and Produced BEYOND THE GATES OF SPLENDOR and Director/Screenwriter/actor Darrel Campbell who wrote and starred in THE PISTOL.  Along with Branson home owner and Executive Producer Denise Castelli the premiere will include several other cast/crew members who will in attendance.  Recently, the PURPLE HEART association screened the movie with resounding support.

Tera Sukman- “My Goal is to Support Conservative Businesses and Organizations who Love this Country and our Constitution. Freedom isn’t Free. Ask the Veterans that will attend. Please help make this event a success. Andy has been Gracious once again to allow us to use his Theater. I need each and every Constitutional Conservative to stick together and make these important connections” Our very freedoms are at stake.

This event will sell out fast. General admission seating is limited; tickets are available through the Andy Williams Moon River  Theater Box office (800) 666-6094. It is on a first come, first serve basis. Please be sure to visit the following websites for updates: and also

For more information contact: Tera Sukman Tea Party Patriot HQ (417) 337 4802 –


3 Responses to “Must See: Last Ounce of Courage Premiere”

  1. 1 christine marshall September 24, 2011 at 7:38 am

    We saw the movie last week and loved it. Looking forward to seeing it at the theaters and on dvd. We have told our family and friends about this great movie.

  2. 3 Harold Massey September 30, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    My wife and I saw this movie at the theatre yesterday. It tells the truth about what is going on around you, and you don’t realize it. Wake up America and stop the minority GODless liberals from taking your freedoms away. You are being told what to say, how to say it, you cannot say anything about GOD here or there because you might offend someone. Well it is more than offensive to me to tell me that I must leave GOD out of my life, do not display outward symbols etc. I am a Vietnam veteran, 100% infidel, and a Christian.

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