The 2012 Game Changer: Champion The Vote

Bill Dallas, CEO of United In Purpose, a non-partisan, non-profit organization whose mission is to actively advance the traditional values of America’s founding fathers, may have just introduced the St Louis Tea Party Coalition, and political activists everywhere the 2012 game change.  Dallas, along with COO of UiC Reid Rutherford, have recently launched Champion the Vote, a voter registration initiative.

According to the website, in 2008, the actual number of votes between candidates in the state of Missouri was 3,903 votes.  As well, during the same year, there were 102,522 unregistered conservative Christians in the state.  Champion the Vote is an initiative designed to identify those unregistered voters, right down to a very neighborhood, and get them registered to vote.

According to the Champion the Vote website, the “Champion for Change” issues are:

• Right to life
• Religious freedom
• Traditional marriage
• God and government
• Morality and ethics
• Voter registration
• Prayer in the public arena

The organization has created quite a buzz in Silicon Valley, which is experiencing it’s own insurgence of a growing socially conservative army, according to the LA Times.  Their premise is simple: Love God, Love Country…and talk to other Christians about the importance of voting.

On November 12, Champion the Vote will be presenting a 3 hour event, One Nation Under God, in which “Champions” and churches can host a house party and view a powerful presentation:

We are encouraging all Champions to sign up to host a One Nation Under God house party on November 12 for free. In this powerful 3-hour event, the truth about the Biblical foundation of our nation will be explored by spiritual, political, and educational leaders such as Dr. James Dobson, Bob McEwen, David Barton, and more!

So now it is time to do your civic duty.  Your duty to God, your duty to your Country. . .and for the future of our children and grandchildren.  Let’s rock the vote by finding the over 3,000,000 unregistered Christian voters.  Go to Champion the Vote and sign up now, and consider hosting a One Nation Under God event on November 12!


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