Exclusive: Candidate Martin Baker Refuses To Be A Victim

A week ago today, Martin Baker, Congressional Candidate for Missouri District , was verbally attacked by black Obama supporters by being called an “Uncle Tom Nigger”, among many other colorful terms.

Many Baker sympathizers are now speaking out about the incident and his Candidacy, yet Martin refuses to assume the role of the victim.  At there rally baker was urged to “come to the other side” by Obama supporters. When he asked why he should, he was met with the reply “because you just should”.

“My 12 year old could have come up with a better argument than that.” Baker stated on the growing public outcry.  “Those people, in their angry racist rage, were enslaved, where they stood, where I stood, I was empowered, enlightened and free”.

About 250 people of mixed cultures, heritages, sexes and political affiliations stood behind Baker as he held his ground during the confrontation.

“Thank you, thank you, I will never back down on what it is that I believe in, and that is that all men were created equal in the eyes of the Lord, and our forefathers constructed a Constitution that ensures those very inalienable rights given to us regardless of race, religion, or creed” said Baker who is backing his run against the Democrat machine that has ruled the 1st district for over sixty years. The very machine he claims to have destroyed the city, the gang structure and the black culture. “That is precisely why this kind of backward racism exists today, and I want more for my children and grandchildren”, he added.

This backward racism needs to end. It will with a vote for Martin Baker in Missouri’s First!


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