Occupy: If You Have Any Poo, Fling It Now!

Because this is what the Occupy movement has been reduced to, a children’s movie:

See for yourself! ***WARNING! GRAPHIC***




and this:

Yeah, I’ve seen this at a Tea Party Rally, for sure.  No Tea Partiers carry their flags with pride, making sure they are flown high and never touch the ground.

Occupy is NOT the Tea Party, not by a long shot.  A comparison of arrest statistics alone should be a good indicator of that.

No, Occupyists are just a bunch of poop-flinging monkeys!


1 Response to “Occupy: If You Have Any Poo, Fling It Now!”

  1. 1 Johnthevet001 October 13, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    For what this “person” is doing to our flag, he should be given a ticket to Russia. He is proablitby a future lawyer or another comrade of sorts. He does not deserve this coun try’s freedoms, and I only want to know how much the democrats paid him to do this to the USA flag? send him as a special invoy to Iran, and let him see what he does not get for this.

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