Go Nuts, Folks! Go Nuts!

Tonight, at 7:05 pm CST, marks the beginning of Game 1 in the St Louis Cardinals- Texas Rangers World Series.  Could this be the match-up of match-ups?

A little background: I was born and raised in suburban Chicago.  I am a Cubs fan at heart.  I was the only Cubs fan in my family until my brother wised up in his late 20s and converted. . .so I am used to opposition.  When I moved to St Louis 18 years ago, I immediately embraced the Cardinals.  I lived a five minute walk from Busch Stadium, and would take every opportunity to grab a bleacher seat I could.  Tickets were six dollars then, and if I batted my eyes to the right person, I could usually score a free hot dog and bud light.  I LOVE the Cardinals, just not more than the Cubs. . . and I have to admit, I’ve also been partial toward a few other teams, including the Rangers (Yankees, Braves and Rockies, there, I outted myself, so feel free to start sending the hatemail).

Regardless of the outcome, I feel blessed to have this awesome opportunity for my children, at an age they can understand it, to embrace one of the few pieces of pure Americana still intact. With so much of our culture destroyed by either regulation or political correctness, I run full speed toward anything left of our true culture I can find, and expose the dickens out of it to my children.  They love the excitement.  My daughter adores Albert Pujols.  We were at a game last year, and she wasn’t feeling well, but she didn’t want to leave because she said God told her to wait because Pujols was going to hit a homerun for her, so we waited, and at his next at- bat, BAM, homer, then we left.  It’s those memories that make the sport a part of your life and culture.

Aside from the bustle of the World Series as a sporting event, it is estimated that if the Series goes to seven games, downtown St Louis stands to gain an extra $12 million in revenue.  As the economy continues to crumble, that is welcome news for the mid-size city.

Get your chili in the crock-pot, make sure your dogs are grilled (sauerkraut and mustard is the only proper way to eat a dog at a ballgame, by the way) and your Bud Light iced, and join the millions of fans across the country as we take part in a little Americana tonight. . .and don’t forget to join us all for the game at Helen Fitzgerald’s tomorrow night as we watch the game together via the Afterparty!

*** Rally Squirrel optional


1 Response to “Go Nuts, Folks! Go Nuts!”

  1. 1 patriotsoul October 19, 2011 at 10:44 am

    Then we can move on down to Kiener Plaza 🙂

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