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Happy Thanksgiving! Best Thanksgiving Video EVER!

To brighten the festivities, a clip of the greatest Thanksgiving publicity stunt ever…straight to you from WKRP Cincinnati.

Happy Thanksgiving – WKRP Turkey Drop – kewego Happy Thanksgiving from! This is a blast from the past, WKRP in Cincinnati Famous Turkey Drop. Sharkhost does not own any copyright to this material. Web host, web design, marketing and promotion.

Note: St Louis Tea Party Coalition decided not to persue this.

Oh, the humanity!

Remembering Our Troops This Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving Eve, as I am frantically baking pies, folding laundry and packing my van to head up to Chicago to spend time with my family, I just stopped and though for a second.  I thought about our Troops, and all of the brave men and women who can not spend tomorrow with their loved ones. The ones who are in a foreign land dedicating their time and well-being for the sake of our freedoms.  I think of all the families who will be sharing a feast with an empty seat at the table. . .because some made the ultimate sacrifice for us.  That’s right, they made that sacrifice for me, for my children, for my parents and siblings.  They made that sacrifice for you.

For our troops, and those left behind, I pray God’s blessings and peace over them, especially tomorrow. . .for I am so very thankful for each one of them!

The Creation and Momentum of the Tea Party Illustrated

I’ve had a LOT of mentors in this movement, Dana Loesch, Ron Calzone, amd Bill Hennessy. . . our “lone nut” who started it all:

Hennessy’s View

advancing the pursuit of happiness

St. Louis Tea Party? **UPDATE**



Hennessy’s View has joined Top Conservatives on Twitter and is proud to help with:

St. Louis Nationwide Chicago Tea Party

Friday, February 27, 2009
11:00 a.m.
Foot of the Arch Steps on Wharf Street, St. Louis, MO, 63102

The official event sign-up page is

Please, please, please show up in huge numbers.

Thank you, and spread the word.  We want our money back, dammit!

*****Original Post Follows*****

(Sorry this post is sloppy, but events are developing rapidly.)

**UPDATE**  St. Louisans, listen to Dana Radio (97.1 FM) at 8:00 p.m. tonight, Sunday, February 22. Patrick Leahy of Top Conservatives on Twitter and Dana will discuss this Tea Party wave.

Also, I’ve started a Facebook Group to keep in touch.

***We now return to our regular blogging***

UPDATE 2:  Let’s try to do this Friday, February 27, as part of a National Tea Party protest.  Already more than 15 cities involved.  Look here or on the Facebook page or follow #teaparty on Twitter for location and time. 

UPDATE 3:  Facebook event page has all the details.    

National Chicago Tea Party Page.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for popularizing the Tea Party Protest.

Who’s up for it?

I’m thinking March 14 before the downtown St. Patrick’s Day parade.

  • Toss some tea into the Mississippi
  • Run 3.2 miles
  • Freeze for an hour
  • Drink some Jameson’s and Mich Ultra

If Seattle and Chicago can find enough patriots to oppose Obama’s socialization plans, St. Louis sure can.

Track progress here, on Facebook’s #dontgo group, or follow #dontgo and #teaparty on Twitter.

And, Look!  Someone’s written a recipe for a Tea Party.

How ’bout this;

Date:  Saturday, March 14, 10:00 a.m.  Friday, February 27, 11:00 AM
Where:  Steps of the Arch, Wharf Street
Bring:  5-10 friends, signs, and tea (but not in bags)
After Party:  Everywhere.

Ron, as well, continues to inspire. . .I learned so much from the man who learned everything he knows about leadership from this guy:

There are SO many more people to mention, I don’t have time to do it, but I do frequently highlight them. . . tonight, I choose my friend Michelle Moore and her (cough) *bouncer* (LOL) Brian Bollmann. Michelle needs your help to save her life, so please visit her site and consider it!

As far as Dana goes: Just bow down. She’s hot. . .She’s genius. . .She’s TEA!!!!!

Second Debate of Ten Between Ed Martin and Ambassador Wagner on Monday

Per Ed Martin’s Website:


(St. Louis) – November 15, 2011 – In just six days, the two Republicans vying to be their party’s pick for Missouri’s Second Congressional District will square off in their second debate in O’Fallon.

The Martin Campaign carried an energy from the debate that lasted for weeks.  They put every question from the debate on their website and posted the videos to Twitter and Facebook.  In contrast, the Wagner camp went silent.  They have commited to one more after Monday’s debate, but have yet to commit to the other seven debates proposed by Ambassador Wagner.

“I enjoy debates for the same reason that I think primaries are a positive thing,” said Martin.  ”They allow voters to see candidates from every angle in order to make an informed choice instead of having their choices made for them, which often happens without primaries.  The people of MO-2 want to hear real answers to issues that continue to affect their everyday lives.  I look forward to a debate with real substance, not soundbites.”

Monday’s debate will take place at the Culpepper’s on Highway K in O’Fallon from 6pm to 7pm.  To see a full list of debates scheduled so far, please visit

For more information, please email or call (314) 256-1776.

For additional information from Ann Wagner’s Campaign, contact Christian Morgan or call 314-952-4ANN (4266)

Overruled: Government Invasion of Your Parental Rights (Official Movie)

Parents all over America are losing their rights and don’t even know it. Featuring 3 reenactments based on real cases, “Overruled” is a shocking 35-minute docudrama that exposes how the rights of parents in America are being eroded and what you can do to turn the tide. Learn more at

A MUST SEE. Please take 35 minutes of your time to watch:

Police on Shelby Dasher: “Very, Very, Angry”

A face to the mother of deceased Affton boy, Tyler Daniel Dasher:

This image was found on her Facebook page, and is confirmed as the mother.

According to stltoday.comThe St. Louis County Justice Center said Dasher was being held on what’s called a 20-hour hold, which means she can be released if charges aren’t brought within that timeframe.  Additionally, A police source says authorities believe Shelby Dasher killed her son after she “became very, very angry.” It was unclear what triggered her rage.

 The prosecutor’s office said there is an afternoon press conference planned.

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