Sharon “The Sham” Bialek

So, I have spent many of the past 20 hours or so on the phone with all of my Chicago contacts researching Sharon Bialek.

Claim #1: “I’m a Tea Partier!” FALSE! Not a single member of any of the Tea Parties in Chicago know who this woman is, nor have they ever seen her at an event. Furthermore, *if* she *is* a Tea Partier, surely she can prove it with mementos and pictures and notes from the meetings, events and rallies she has attended.  I’m sure there is a paper trail of emails she sends and receives as an activist.  Not to mention she lives in Mundelein. That would grant her an hour-and-a-half drive each way to meetings.  Right.

Claim #2: Bialek and Cain shared a warm embrace at the TeaCon event in Chicago. This comes from her “witness”, a WIND Producer. . .who by the way is granting Bialek her second interview for a sales position at the radio station.

Claim #3: “Herman Cain sexually harassed me!!!” First of all, if a man shoves his hand up your skirt and grabs your genitals, you’re not wearing any underwear?  Then he shoves your head down toward his crotch (which I would assume would take two hands if a woman were fighting it. . so Mr Cain now has 3 arms. . .ALIEN!!!) that is not sexual harassment, that is sexual assault.  And had this actually happened, should have been reported to the authorities immediately (14 years ago). (By the way, if a man is sexually assaulting you, and he is a sexual predator, telling him that you “have a boyfriend” is not going to cause him to stop, think about it, and decide not to assault you)

Being a former victim of (physical) abuse myself, I can understand that these things are not easy to talk about. . .but in a span of over almost 15 years, you do eventually talk it out with a safe person.  I have heard not one witness come forward to say “Yes, she shared this with me”. . .not even her supposed boyfriend at the time.

Claim #4: Sharon Bialek revealed her identity “to give a face and a voice to those women who cannot or do not wish to come forward … out of fear of retaliation and public humiliation”. Wrong again! Bialek did this 14 years after the fact, under the direction of Gloria Allred, of all people. What middle-aged single mother does this while gussying-up so the democrat feminist celebrity attorney can pimp you out to the camera in some sort of freak show.

When it comes right down to it, this woman needs some serious psychological help.  Another opportunist who is now exposing her child to things that, quite frankly, children do not need to be exposed to.


4 Responses to “Sharon “The Sham” Bialek”

  1. 1 milowent November 8, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    why would this horrible republican woman lie?

  2. 3 april November 9, 2011 at 3:35 pm


    Why would she lie? I think I heard it on Fox, altho’ not exactly what the speaker said, but what he wanted to say. He referred to ‘these women’ as Glory Whores, and I think that pretty much sums it up. To me it is the same as those crazies who marry criminal ‘lifers’. They have some sick perversion they need to fulfill. One of these types begets yet another, and another. They crawl out of the woodwork, and at this point there are soooo many, well, it says we want our 15 seconds of fame as well. If Cain were this bad, had done all those things, why did they ALL wait till now? It is not as if he had not been given jobs of great responsibility prior to now. Head of the Kansas City Fed, for instance or his previous run for Congress.

    There is another side of it. She was looking for a job and obviously did not get what she was after. Her story of being encouraged by her then boyfriend to seek out Cain and attempt to enlist his help, frankly, why would he even want to do that? At his level of management, that is not his area of responsibility especially for a woman he hardly knew. He possibly may have referred her to someone else, but for him to give her a job, not likely. What this says to me is a woman scorned . The ‘I will show you not to ignore me’ attitude. So here it is, 14 years later and she has the opportunity to show HER power! Then there is the attitude of the uppity black man, how dare he! Is this the same woman who is now being identified as having filed other harassment charges at other jobs? Personally, I find all these accusations extremely questionable. Why is it in this he said she said story, the women are found credible and Cain is automatically guilty? No witnesses, no evidence,no complaints filed that contain Cains signature, no direct charges, convictions, or investigations as would be required in other cases. We all need to realize there are MANY predatory women out there, and sometimes nice guys in power positions are the victims! They are targets! Personally I know a few gals who want to be ‘taken care of’, so some things don’t surprise me a lot.

    Finally, I still do not discount the idea there are forces out there that do not want a conservative unapologetic black man to be successful. But above all, it is more than obvious that if you are black, man or woman, you will never be allowed off the plantation! Other blacks(Jesse, Sharpton, Bellafonte and other race baiters) are more responsible for keeping the black man down. As evidenced here, Hell will fall on your head if you dare step off!

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