Illinois Bill Takes Aim At State Trooper Qualifications

h/t @Jimi971

A bill that Illinois has just passed puts Military in front of line to be considered for a State Police position. This is usually always the case with any state job, police MODOT, IDOT etc. However, this time higher education could be waived for war Veterans. This essentially means that Illinois State police would consider hiring those with High School education only but received medals for completing missions honorably. Does this scare you? How many great co-workers and people do you know with HS only in their education folder that you look up to?

A bill (SB 1587 has passed the House, 111-3, and goes to the governor) put into action by Dems but receiving fire from whacked out lefties, says troops need “classroom experience”. Under the spotlight is Monique Davis (Dem Chicago). This is what she said. . . The audio is so telling. . .

Davis: “I personally don’t want to encounter a combative State Police officer who didn’t learn anything about human relations or who didn’t learn about the language we speak”

Human relations? As one who served 2 ½ yrs in Korea, 3 months in Somalia, someone who went through training and read literature the Army sent out in regards to “relating” to the citizens of the country we were in, one who listen to (then cassette tapes) provided by the military to learn local language. Sending a good message to citizens in other countries (especially children) were of utmost importance, and to me personally the most rewarding, best times and memories. I don’t get Davis’s “language” comment. Also sounds racist to me… This lady’s comments really pissed me off….. Does she think the State Police are not going to put a troop through required Police tests? All this bill does is give troops a chance…. First dibs if you will…. I personally, would want a former war Vet protecting my community. This lady’s comment shows me, that troops are still looked at as dumb, uneducated pawns…that is so so far from the truth.

There probably is no one more equipped for “Human relations” than a military person. You are thrust into an eye opening reception (basic training) You realize the world doesn’t revolve around you anymore. You are bunked in a room with 16 or more guys from all walks of life. You cherish team and mission. You complete training and are put into barracks with a guy, or guys you may or may not like and have to deal with it. You are sent all over the world with said guys into a country far different from ours with a mission and asked to be good ambassadors. You have to uphold relationships at home as well via mail etc, and all the while having that hole in your stomach that reminds of how home sick you are everyday, while dealing with tense situations in a foreign land that made you feel like you were on another planet. To me a military person has “human relations” covered and then some.

It looks like this bill will be signed into law, effective immediately.


1 Response to “Illinois Bill Takes Aim At State Trooper Qualifications”

  1. 1 Bill December 13, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    I could not agree with you more Jimi. I know this is an older article but I was doing research for a follow on job and stumped upon this. I have served 7 years, I’m a non commissioned officer, several deployments, and am currently in Special Operations. This women seems to be under the belief that all soldiers behave such as those in depicted Hollywood. We’re not all social outcasts like John Rambo.

    If she believes that sitting in a classroom, going to college parties, is what makes better candidates for law enforcement then we’re on two distant planets. What does a person straight out of college bring to a Dept. compared to an NCO with deployment time? In my mind it’s not even comparable.

    I’m rarely offended but what Rep. Davis said has me fired up. That’s however is par for the course when it comes to Chicago politics. I think some VETS that, “didn’t learn about the language ‘YOU’ speak” would go a hell-of-a long way around the halls of the political buildings here in Illinois!

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