Second Debate of Ten Between Ed Martin and Ambassador Wagner on Monday

Per Ed Martin’s Website:


(St. Louis) – November 15, 2011 – In just six days, the two Republicans vying to be their party’s pick for Missouri’s Second Congressional District will square off in their second debate in O’Fallon.

The Martin Campaign carried an energy from the debate that lasted for weeks.  They put every question from the debate on their website and posted the videos to Twitter and Facebook.  In contrast, the Wagner camp went silent.  They have commited to one more after Monday’s debate, but have yet to commit to the other seven debates proposed by Ambassador Wagner.

“I enjoy debates for the same reason that I think primaries are a positive thing,” said Martin.  ”They allow voters to see candidates from every angle in order to make an informed choice instead of having their choices made for them, which often happens without primaries.  The people of MO-2 want to hear real answers to issues that continue to affect their everyday lives.  I look forward to a debate with real substance, not soundbites.”

Monday’s debate will take place at the Culpepper’s on Highway K in O’Fallon from 6pm to 7pm.  To see a full list of debates scheduled so far, please visit

For more information, please email or call (314) 256-1776.

For additional information from Ann Wagner’s Campaign, contact Christian Morgan or call 314-952-4ANN (4266)


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