Remembering Our Troops This Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving Eve, as I am frantically baking pies, folding laundry and packing my van to head up to Chicago to spend time with my family, I just stopped and though for a second.  I thought about our Troops, and all of the brave men and women who can not spend tomorrow with their loved ones. The ones who are in a foreign land dedicating their time and well-being for the sake of our freedoms.  I think of all the families who will be sharing a feast with an empty seat at the table. . .because some made the ultimate sacrifice for us.  That’s right, they made that sacrifice for me, for my children, for my parents and siblings.  They made that sacrifice for you.

For our troops, and those left behind, I pray God’s blessings and peace over them, especially tomorrow. . .for I am so very thankful for each one of them!


1 Response to “Remembering Our Troops This Thanksgiving”

  1. 1 patriotsoul November 23, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    Thanks for the Landry Amp follow before I even launch it 🙂
    It will be great 🙂
    I closed up TurnRight site…no traffic, too much time suck for what lies ahead.
    Just tweeted this post as 5is4grace.
    God bless the U.S.A.!, St.Louis and Jefferson County!

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