Why Should We Give Up on Herman Cain?

It is no secret I have been a huge Herman Cain fan since the first day I met him on the steps of Keiner Plaza, October 27, 2010.  He and I had a quite pleasant, not overly lengthy conversation.  I remember noting during our chat, his humility, his sincerity, and the fact that he was just so gosh-darn down to earth.  He smelled really good too, but that’s a whole other story.

Although I had just met the man, the conversation was as if we were old pals.  Never for one moment at that time, did I ever think to myself “I am chatting it up with quite possibly the 45th President of the United States of America”! I do now still believe that today.

Several weeks ago, as allegations arose, claiming the sexual harassment of several women by Mr. Cain, it appeared that even those allegations were not powerful enough to stop the Cain Train.  Mr Cain held his head high, and his voice unwaivering, proclaiming his innocence.  And the contributions continued to pour in, regardless of these (to this day-unproven allegations.

At that point I published a post that (understandably) many bloggers chose to avoid: Herman Cain: The Curious Case of Fay Wray I say understandably because it depicts a crazy, giant gorilla terrorizing a city while carrying a poor, helpless blonde bombshell in his hand.  The reason I made this correlation was to drive home the point that the Main Stream Media is participating in the greatest racial smear in Electoral history!  They are trying to discredit a black man with white women. Why? Because Hermain Cain is Obama’s greatest fear. A black conservative man can take Obama out!

Now, speaking of “white”, seriously? This last woman, who claimed to have a 13 year affair with Mr. Cain, is Ginger White. You can’t make this stuff up!

Let us ponder a few things, shall we:

* There was a relationship: Yes.  But according to Mr. Cain, it was not of a sexual nature.

* There are phone records: Yes.  I have many friends who will call me, or I would call at 4 am in the middle of a crisis.

*There were crises. Yes. Cain, on several occasions, helped White (who has been evicted on multiple occasions, including once this past month) out financially so she could pay her rent and car payments, because she was his friend and that’s what friends do.

*There is any other proof of an affair: No. If you claim you had a 13 year affair with someone, you better be able to back it up. If you love someone for 13 years, you do things together, you keep mementos.  Where are the love notes, the cards, the ticket stubs, pictures? Can she produce the underwear he accidentally left at her place that has his DNA in it? It would seem that the allegations are checkable, in that there should be some kind of documentary trail establishing the affair – hotel records, plane tickets, dinner receipts, and so forth.

And why come out now? Do we know for sure that she isn’t suddenly privy to an off-shore account somewhere? Maybe someone slipped her a key to a safe-deposit box.  Who knows, she could have had a suitcase of money Fed-Exed to her door, and we would be none-the wiser.

Without proof, I will not judge. Nobody should.

The fact that Herman Cain is still remaining strong and focused with his eye on the prize is why I’m not ready to give up on him. . .because that is precisely the kind of leadership we need for this country.  We need character.


1 Response to “Why Should We Give Up on Herman Cain?”

  1. 1 idk December 3, 2011 at 3:06 pm

    I was disappointed to learn that Cain suspended his campaign. He wasn’t my first choice candidate, but as one of the few conservatives (not conservative enough for me) running, he brought a fresh perspective to the Republican faithful, and an alternative to the cookie-cutter candidates for the growing legion of political independents.

    The timing of the allegations against him are suspicious. Whether they are true is anyone’s guess. Despite his lack of knowledge on foreign policy (a blank slate – which isn’t necessarily a negative considering the failings of conventional policy), he had momentum that could have carried him to the nomination, and I think that was just not acceptable to the party establishment. I can’t help but suspect that the GOP is behind the public release of the allegations.

    He was a self-described tea party candidate – a thorn in the side of the GOP – and something of a rogue politician, maybe with political connections that aren’t “party-approved.” The sad situation is this; we people are only allowed to vote for candidates that are pre-selected by the “country club” which is, more and more, exclusive of country (US). A few years ago, some of us re-evaluated our loyalty to the Republican party when we realized that not only is their platform conservative only compared to the Democrat party, but the entire machinery of the party is antithetical to conservative principles. It is collectivist and conforming and restricts independent thinking in favor of dogma, and it does it with political force. The two parties – our only realistic choices – are driving politics, and the country on a far left course.

    Maybe it’s time for some competition for the monopolistic two-party system that holds the country hostage. The majority of us have views that are broadly in the interest of the welfare of the country and society, rather than the views imposed on us by two corrupt, political institutions that suck up all kinds of resources (including ideas and unity) with alarming volume. In an alternative political climate, where both parties are the opposition, a candidate like Cain might have a realistic chance to be president. It’s simple. All we have to do is completely liberate ourselves from the party system. : )

    There. I just posted a reply to your blog that is an impolite blog in itself. Apologies for that.

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