I’m Out: St Louis Tea Party Coalition Co-Opt Is No Place For Me!

I’m officially walking away from the St Louis Tea Party Coalition.  Why?  They’ve been co-opted as an arm of the Ed Martin for Missouri 2nd District Congressional Campaign.  Now, I have nothing against Ed Martin. . .in fact, I consider him a friend.  What I do have a problem with is a handful of rogue members of what was once perhaps one of the most hailed Tea Party organizations in the country forcing anyone who wanted to remain neutral in the Primary out of the organization.

Blogger Darin Morley refused to cease pulling hit pieces on Ann Wagner over onto the private organization’s website. . .of which many members were uncomfortable with the negative publicity for any candidate.  In response, Jim Hoft cross-posted an article in defense of contributions Wagner had received on his website, and subsequently on Big J. The Board of the St Louis Tea Party Coalition (which, by the way, none of this got crazy until several members of the organization started asking exactly who the Board actually was, and where a copy of the by-laws were) responded by placing a hit-piece on Jim Hoft.

Additionally, they shut down the Media Liaison’s email domain and confiscated all intellectual property, then claimed that there was “proprietary information” that was shared with a member of Ann Wagner’s campaign, but offered no proof despite several request for a public (undoctored) posting of said “evidence”. Next, Executive Director Michelle Moore sent out an email that “effective immediately” the google group that the core of the STLTPC utilized was indefinitely shut down.  Despite several cried for explanation, none was granted.

For a movement that screams “transparency, transparency, transparency!!!!” I certainly see none here.  I see:  Executive Director who was recently seated to the Board which stroked her ego; an unemployed lawyer, Benjamin Smith Williams (aka Ben Evans), who holds his Bar in New York, not Missouri, but still likes to act as legal counsel here; a loose cannon, John Burns who has been out of the Tea Party movement for over a year; another huge-headed blogger who likes to distort truth and is too chickenshit to put his name to half of what he publishes (Darin Morely); Co-founder Bill Hennessy, standing by silently, but driving this all behind the scenes.

Wow, the kinda people I want to hang with. . .totally.  No thanks.  I’ve got my eye on the prize.  The prize, by the way, would be a socialist-free country.  A country that is, once again, truly free.

Also, as an after-thought, where is Ed Martin in all of this?  Why in the world would he not have said anything about this by now?


1 Response to “I’m Out: St Louis Tea Party Coalition Co-Opt Is No Place For Me!”

  1. 1 Doug Edelman December 6, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    FYI, I haven’t heard ANYONE from what once was the STLTPC express SUPPORT for Ann Wagner – and several who oppose the tactics of attacking her fundraising have gone on record as SUPPORTIVE of Ed Martin, just not of the tactic.

    Dana’s BOSS, John Beck, is a supporter of Ann Wagner. Fine. We’ve all seen Dana publicly, on air, dress down Beck when she disagreed with him on Aerotropolis. She’s no puppet just ’cause she works for him. She had not weighed in at all in MO2! She lives in the first district!

    The pissing contest between people who should be on the same side is a damned shame. The vitriol is at a level on a par with Chris Matthews toward Rush Limbaugh! And the pissing is being done in public, and being fed to leftist shills like St Louis Activist Hub, MMFA etc! Why recruit your ENEMY to defeat your primary OPPONENT?

    The St Louis Tea Party, as it existed 6 months ago, is no more. It’s over. But count on the individuals who once comprised it to continue to stand for Conservative, Free-Market, Anti-socialist, anti-marxist ideals.

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