The Tea Party Is Gateway Grassroots

Over the past week, there has been some disgruntled folks screaming bloody murder over the launch of Gateway Grassroots Initiative.  The chatter has been anywhere from “this is the rival tea party”. . .to which I say there are SO many organizations that are like-minded, they are not necessarily “rivals”, to “Dana Loesch started her own Tea Party”. . .to which, I can attest to, while Dana has been a part of the formation of this organization, she has gladly taken a well-deserved back seat in it.

The Gateway Grassroots Initiative is action-based, not candidate-based.  We are acting on issues, whether it be proposed legislation, or more personally relevant issues like C.E.R.T. training, survival training, and voter education.

As a brilliant friend and fellow patriot stated:

This is our mission. You can train people for caucuses, for precincts,
polling captains, etc but you will never change anything until you
change the hearts and minds of the people and reinforce it through

This is where the Tea Party is going.  It’s about Education, Empowerment, Enrichment.

For more information on the Gateway Grassroots Initiative, or to get involved and begin your own Individual Initiative, contact Jen@gatewaygrassroots or call 314-200-5860.

Tune is to Glenn Beck 10am CST today to hear more!


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