Cry Liberty Returns!

After a much needed 75 day Sabbatical, Cry Liberty returns to the blogosphere to bring you the latest and greatest in all things liberty…everywhere from the local level to global events.
In the past few weeks, much has happened without commentary here. That is not to suggest there was nothing to say.

The Godfather of the Tea Party movement, Andrew Breitbart, met a sudden, untimely passing. While Andrew is no longer with us in the flesh, his spirit has already far surpassed the power he ever commanded on earth.

The Gateway Grassroots Initiative quickly rose to one of the most powerful grassroots organizations in the country.

Caucuses ran amok throughout the greater St Louis area.

Above all, there was a great deal of time to recoup, regroup, and refocus.

In the next several weeks, in addition to updates on who what and where, you will find low-cost, easy tips to help you and your family prepare to become self-sustaining. 

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We here at Cry Liberty are grateful for the continued support of our readers. We look forward to your feedback!


1 Response to “Cry Liberty Returns!”

  1. 1 Alfred C. Modlin March 22, 2012 at 9:44 am

    Glad to see you back to work. We need your insight & spirit!!!

    Alfred M. Saint Joseph, MO

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