Bacon Lovers Can Die…And Go To Heaven!

In other weird findings, for all of my bacon-obsessed pals out there, you can now beam yourself to the Pearly Gates, wrapped in bacon!

No joke, J&D’s Foods has created this bacon coffin, where lovers of the pork product can find heavenly rest for all of eternity. These fatted caskets can serve as your final resting place starting around $3000.


1 Response to “Bacon Lovers Can Die…And Go To Heaven!”

  1. 1 justasheep7 April 17, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    But what if God was really serious about that “don’t eat pigs” thing… nah JK.. I love bacon, and I’m counting on Peter’s vision meaing it’s ok to love that wonderful crispy, salty, cured, smoky, fried porkbelly.

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