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Updated: Fenton Parents Questioned In Scalding After Infant Taken Away By Ambulance



Fenton, MO- At approximately 8:30 am this morning Emergency Responders arrived at the single-family home at San Miguel and Beso Court, where an infant was rushed into an ambulance, screaming and covered by a large blanket by an unidentified person. Soon after, police and a Crime Scene Investigation Team arrived, and continued to process the scene through the late afternoon.

St. Louis County Police removed around a dozen firearms from a home in unincorporated Fenton, according to witnesses. According to neighbors, multiple firearms were removed from the property around 2:45 in the afternoon, about one half hour before busses were due to drop students off from a nearby elementary school. It is not clear why the firearms were removed from the home, as it appears no firearms were involved in the incident, leaving many to wonder about due process and Second Amendment Rights.

The father and mother of the child have been detained, and held separately, by St. Louis County Police in the questioning of what was deemed a scalding, but have not been charged.

The condition of the infant is unknown at the time. Though one neighbor stated she thought she might have seen flames through the front door of the household, no fire was confirmed. In addition to the infant, the mother, father and two young boys also live at the rented property.

Fenton, a middle-class suburb about 20 minutes west of St. Louis, has always been considered a quiet family neighborhood by residents, has seen a disturbing rise in crime and drug activity in recent months.

Update: The infant was rushed to St. John’s Mercy hospital with burns over 80% of the body.  The scalding was apparently so gruesome, responding paramedics responding to the initial scene were not permitted to enter the home.


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