John Brunner wants to ELIMINATE his Competition

So it seems that while John Brunner is quick to jump on a progressive bandwagon in crucifying Tea Party patriot Scott Boston for using a metaphor in a speech, he has a problem heeding his own words.

In a recent interview, Brunner calls for the elimination of other Senatorial Seat seekers in the Missouri 2012 election:

“We have an opportunity to eliminate three career politicians…two Republicans and one Democrat.”

Such vitriolic rhetoric! For shame Mr Brunner! According to Brunner, he rejects “this kind of politics”, and claims “comments like these have no place in this U.S. Senate campaign, or any other campaign in this country, because they don’t represent American values.”

By Brunner’s own words, his latest campaign constitutes death threats against Sarah Steelman, Congressman Todd Akin, and Senator Claire McCaskill. Perhaps the self-made multi-millonaire will foot the bill for the added security his opponents will now need as a sort of peace-offering?

Also, it’s time for the pot to call the metaphorical kettle to issue an apology, I guess.


2 Responses to “John Brunner wants to ELIMINATE his Competition”

  1. 1 Gravelyvoice Jim July 13, 2012 at 7:20 pm

    What a JOKE! This is contorted logic beyond the pale, twisting the meaning of words to fit a convoluted conclusion. “Elimination” in sports, as well as politics, means beating one’s opponent and moving to the next round of the “tournament”. Teams and individuals are “eliminated” all the time in sports playoffs. The same is true in politics and only a complete imbecile would seriously take Brunner’s comments that far out of context to mean something nefarious.

    Which ever of the three win the primary – be it Brunner, Steelman, or Akin – the other two WILL have been “eliminated”.

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