MOCD1: The Great Debate(s)


Tomorrow, July 24, The League of Women Voters is slated as holding a debate for the two candidates in the GOP Primary Race in Missouri’s First Congressional District: Martin Baker and Robyn Hamlin. The event will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel-St Louis Airport, Bridgeton, MO from 7-8:30pm.

Over the past few weeks, we have sat and watched a nasty smear campaign orchestrated by Hamlin’s camp against Baker. One that have left most of us wondering: 1. Will she even show up at the event, and 2. If she does, why?

Why do we ask “why”? Well, it seems as though Mrs Hamlin is quite a bit confused as to where she actually even fits in to the political system. Before announcing her candidacy, Hamlin posted a poll on her Facebook page asking readers to vote on what party she should run under:


Now, before we go any further, one must ask this: If you are not a Republican, why on earth would you run as one? Is it because you do not think your platform is not strong enough to run independently? Is it because you are ashamed of your Libertarian roots? Is it because “well, if Ron Paul can do it, so can I”? Whatever the answer, it’s weak at best. So weak, it looks like Hamlin is just running to see herself run.

Last week, Hamlin released a statement touting the campaign’s hiring of the firm Liberty Torch Consulting Group, a Libertarian front group. The announcement goes on to read:

Hamlin For Congress is now working with Liberty Torch Political Consulting, LLC. They are bringing in some of the biggest names in the Republican movement, from David Adams (who managed Rand Paul’s successful Senate campaign) to Jonathan Bydlak (who oversaw Ron Paul’s record breaking 2008 fundraising operation) to Dave Nalle (national chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus) to Christopher Hamilton (who designs ads and commercials for such clients as McDonalds, Sprint, and Coca Cola).

Apparently this new firm is also well versed in writing run-on sentences, as can be seen here. In their first press release for the Hamlin Campaign, Hamlin complains she is ignored by Missouri’s GOP.

…um, they are probably ignoring you because you are not a Republican. Enough said on that.

Additionally, Robyn claims to be a Tea Party candidate, and one that “listens to you”…however, aside from signing the STLTPC Tea Party Treaty during her last campaign run, noted area leaders within the movement can not name an example where they can recall Hamlin taking to the streets in a single Tea Party issue, here in St Louis.

So, we are left with the remaining questions:

Will Hamlin show at the League of Women Voters’ Debate on July 24?

Will Hamlin bow out of the GOP Race and run on the Libertarian ballot as she should?

Will Hamlin answer to the smear campaign against Baker?

Will the GOP get behind the only Republican in this race (as they should)?

Most importantly, what do you think about this?

UPDATE: Due to Hamlin’s repeated lack of response to the evnt, Missouri’s League of Women Voters have cancelled the debate. Baker’s Campaign has retained the venue and will be hosting a public meet and greet with the Candidate and staffers.


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