UPDATED: Hamlin: Censorship Aspires for Congressional Seat

It seems that Robyn Hamlin, the Libertarian running as a Republican in the First Congressional District of Missouri, has a bit of a hypocrisy problem.

On June 24, at the annual St Louis GOP picnic, Hamlin was approached by Tony Laszacs and questioned as to why she had not yet responded to the invitation to debate Martin Baker, her primary opponent, at an event to be held on July 24 sponsored by the League of Women voters. Hamlin subsequently posted a picture of that interaction on her campaign’s Facebook page.

Grassroots activist Jen Ennenbach had made a statement as to the context of the photograph several times in the comments section of the pic.


So, I guess seeing as how you have taken my comment down 3 times now, I guess you DON’T want your constituents to know that this really IS Tony inviting you to tonight’s debate. So much for honesty and transparency.


Each time, Hamlin removed the comments from her campaign page, in an attempt to cover up her cowardly refusal to even acknowledge her request to debate by both her opponent, and the LWV. CryLiberty was sent screenshots of Hamlin’s campaign page verifying this…along with a message from the source.


You deleted yet another comment on your page? Are you kidding me? Ron Paul would be ashamed of you, Republicans should be ashamed of you, and Libertarians should be ashamed of you. Every single citizen that supports Liberty, freedom and people voice being heard should be ashamed of you. You are scared of free speech, you are scared of people disagreeing with you, and you’re scared of the truth being told. I am disgusted! People want more freedom…and “a representative that listens to them”?….You just proved it isn’t you!!!



Despite Hamlin’s refusal to respond to the debate, which caused the LWV to cancel the event, Baker retained the venue and held a candidate meet-and-greet in lieu of the debate.

“It is so disturbing to me that someone would actually run for an elected office, but not even make themselves available to the voters. If this is the way she treats constituents before an election, I can’t imagine how she would treat us if she was actually elected.” Stated one attendee who came to the event to learn more about the candidates. She added, “It’s like Claire McCaskill all over again. So disappointing, but I’m still glad I’m here.”

It looks as though Hamlin will continue to marginalize herself in the less than two weeks left until the primary election on August 7. In the past month, Hamlin has been peppered by accusations of running a dirty campaign against her opponent, as well as the call to question her “Republican” status.

The self-proclaimed Libertarian continues to attempt to align herself with the St Louis Republican Party, yet claims that the GOP has completely ignored her campaign, according to her campaign’s website. However, as evidenced by her practice of censorship, it is apparent that she can no longer align herself with “libertarian” principles either.

Meanwhile, Baker presented his platform, “Baker’s Dozen”, to an animated crowd, giving voters what they so dutifully seek…information.


5 Responses to “UPDATED: Hamlin: Censorship Aspires for Congressional Seat”

  1. 1 Josiah July 25, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    Hi Jen,

    Just to let you know, Robyn does not personally administrate the Hamlin For Congress Facebook page. That would be me.

    You’ll notice that your original comment about Tony’s invitation to the debate remained online and was tolerated for several days. I started to hear from some of our supporters, who had been trying to set the record straight about Robyn by leaving informative comments on your blog posts. They informed me that their comments on your blog posts were being deleted or blocked, resulting in a very one-sided view of Robyn and our campaign being presented here.

    So, we decided to return the favor, and that’s when I began deleting your backhanded comments from our Facebook page.

    Censorship goes both ways.

    In the mean time, thanks for all the free publicity you’re giving us!

    J. Schmidt

    • 2 CryLiberty July 26, 2012 at 10:11 am

      Nothing has been deleted or blocked from my blog.
      Additionally, my blog us just that, MY BLOG. I am free to have whatever content I deem appropriate. Respectively, Robyn’s Facebook page is a public campaign page which should be reflective of who the candidate claims to be.
      The Hamlin campaign has had every opportunity to refute anything published on CryLiberty, and has chosen not to so so. In fact, the blog received ONLY ONE comment regarding Hamlin, and it was publishes once I was able to verify the identity if the poster. Nobody in their right mind publishes hostile anonymous comments.
      My original statement of Robyn’s page was benign. There was no reason to censor it…but thank you for admitting that you did in fact do so. Constituents have the right to know what their candidate and her staff are capable of and where they really stand.
      It is YOUR job to answer to questionable behaviors and accusations…not cover it up. If you are incapable if doing such, all the more reason your candidate has NO BUSINESS in public office! The people are done with these games. They don’t want lies. They don’t want deception. They want truth, transparency, and a candidate whose actions allign with their words.
      While we are talking about accusations, please provide the names, content and IP addresses of what I supposedly “blocked” from my blog…I am happy to match those up with inquiries here on the admin side of the blog and publish everything. I’m sure you are smart enough to have all of that information at the ready while making such libelous statements…right?

      • 3 Josiah July 26, 2012 at 1:26 pm


        Then I’m sure you’ll have no problem with allowing our supporters to voice their differing opinions and perspectives in the comments sections of your blog posts from now on.

        We look forward to the discussion! Hopefully it will be a bit more substantive than accusations of “looking like a bag lady”, however.

        Keep posting about Robyn’s campaign on your blog, by the way. It’s doing wonders for our SEO!

        Have a great day,
        J. Schmidt

      • 4 CryLiberty July 26, 2012 at 2:55 pm

        Josiah, you need to read a bit closer. The entire blog about her appearance was not written by me. That was sent to me by a constituent…and that was the impression she made on that constituent.
        Now please, I am still waiting for the content and IP addresses from any content I “blocked”
        Then again, I am not holding my breath…because you can’t produce something that just doesn’t exist.
        Keep pushing it, buddy. Is like to have more material for my slander case…so I can add libel to the charges…unless you can produce evidence of your claims.
        Also, your “professional conduct” is hardly that of “professional”.

      • 5 CryLiberty July 26, 2012 at 2:59 pm

        Also, for future reference, censorship is when the government moves to suppress speech.
        If Hamlin does so on her public campaign FB page as a candidate, why should anyone expect she would not do WP in office?
        Hypocrisy much?

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