An Open Letter to a Past Horror

Dear K,
I blocked your phone number five years ago. I also unfriended you on Facebook and blocked you on Twitter. Since then, once a month, you have sent me a friend request…and each one, I rejected. I even sent you a message explaining this a little over two years ago.
So, if you don’t mind, would you care to explain to me why you continue to make contact with me? I just can’t imagine that you simply can not take a blatant hint.
You see, you are a very unhealthy person…and you were spreading your icky mojo all over the place…not only into my life, but that of my family. You have no respect for God or authority. You have no respect for yourself, your family, or the people around you.
Since I severed our relationship, after much prayer, we have noticed a monumental decline in drama in our lives. I can’t tell you how pleasant it has been to not have to be in crisis mode 24/7. The fact that I no longer have to enable your Munchausen-by-proxy, which I sincerely hope you have gotten help for, has been freeing.
We no longer have to decifer lies, or agonized over your manipulative tactics. My husband no longer receives hissy-fit tirades on his phone when he is trying to work…and his company is grateful for that.
My children are no longer exposed to the vanity and materialism you so strive for in your own children. It is all very freeing.
As always, I will continue to pray. And with that being said, I will deny this one last friend request, and block you. My mental health depends on it.


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