Obama Abortioncare: The White Ribbon Campaign

Tomorrow, August 1, 2012, the mandate which funds abortion via tax payer dollars under Obamacare goes into effect.
The government has now found a way to force sin upon taxpayers across the country.
As a Christian, I believe God created life…and is, therefore, pro-life. Because I follow my God, who is the Christian God of the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, I can not in good conscience follow the law of man, and pay my taxes, knowing full well that the money is contributing to the murder of unborn innocents.
On the flip side is my dilemma: if I do not contribute, I risk going to prison, leaving my family behind.
I have decided that the best I can do is to render unto Caesar, and pray my guts out.
In the mean time, I will place a white ribbon around my trees, as a reminder to all who see them, in rememberance of the countless innocent lives that will be lost under the new mandate.
Will you join me?



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