From the Missouri GOP: Akin: Our Senate’s Future

A letter from Missouri’s GOP:


The primary is looming near and there is so much at stake. Looking at the Supreme Court decision, the economy, our schools, and the not so gradual shift from American values, I am deeply concerned.

There is not one single race or simply one candidate that can fix these problems. However, we must pick the right candidates who will fight for us on these issues.

Obamacare will not really go away just by a repeal. The President has planned for that. Too many Czars and lawmaking by decree will make truly killing this difficult. It is not going to be easy or simple.

After prayerful consideration I have reached one clear conclusion. The US Senate race is second in importance only to the Presidency. While there are three Republican candidates of good character, only one has the proven experience, only one has had the courage to stand against the leaders in his party when necessary, and only one has been steadfast in fighting for our American values: Congressman Todd Akin.

Our nation is teetering on the edge of the cliff. The slippery slope has become a violent avalanche. Too much hangs in the balance to put even a talented rookie on the field. Make no mistake; this is the equivalent to the World Series, it is the ninth inning, and we are at bat. We cannot put inexperiance in that position. ” We the people” are the coach. Who are we going to put in the game? Now is not the time to take risks; to gamble that a rookie will make the right play. Todd Akin is the biggest bat we have to put on the field. We need a proven hitter; we need Todd Akin.

Please consider this when you vote on August 7th. Vote for Todd Akin for US Senate. You must vote in this primary; it is so very important. Join me in supporting Todd Akin. I am asking you for your support of Todd Akin and to forward this email, with your personal endorsement of Todd, to your personal lists. We must spread the word and get people to vote! The future of our country hangs in the balance.

Thank You,

Chris Howard Republican State Committeeman


7 Responses to “From the Missouri GOP: Akin: Our Senate’s Future”

  1. 1 Gravelyvoice Jim August 3, 2012 at 7:10 am

    Looks like this seals the deal for Akin as far has him being the ESTABLISHMENT’S choice. Nice to see Chris Howard and Claire McCaskill agree on at least one thing!

    Sort of makes one wonder what other issues (or elections) Howard is selling Republicans down the river to the Democratss on.

  2. 6 Ginny Kruta August 3, 2012 at 11:34 am

    Jim, I get that you truly believe Akin to be the source of all of your problems. I get that you think you’re spreading useful information. But when you prove that not only is the candidate you are shilling for (and if you think I’ll buy the load you’re shoveling about not shilling for Brunner, you may also be interested in a bridge I have for sale.) willing to stoop to personal (and misleading) attacks against people who are ultimately fighting for the same goals – the defeat of Claire McCaskill and the repeal of obamacare – you also prove that you are willing to stoop to such attacks. Go back to your day job, and quit harassing Congressman Akin’s campaign volunteers. They don’t deserve to cry because you’d rather slam a decent man than offer one legitimate reason to vote for someone different.

    That said: move on, troll. There is nothing for you here.

    • 7 CryLiberty August 3, 2012 at 12:20 pm

      Well stated Ginny! Don’t worry, he’s all bark and no bite…just like liberal progressives who throw bombs then stick their fingers in their ears screaming “lalalalalala”. Gravelyvoice Jim is indeed a progressive.

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