What D. Truett Cathy REALLY Said…and the Hatred Who Spun It

Looks like Click-Fil-A is going to continue in the spotlight for a while to come…the left-wing progressive hatred just won’t see it any other way.


Most of us have reached a point where we would just like to be left alone to eat the new bacon…our chicken sammiches. But it seems we can not par-take in poultry without being labeled a homophobic hate monger. Why? Well, to be quite honest, it doesn’t fit the MSM narrative.
Let us first take a look at waht Chick-Fil-A Founder D. Truett Cathy actually said regarding marriage:

“supportive of the family —the biblical definition of the family unit.”

Did I miss something? I just can’t seem to find anywhere Mr Cathy said:

“I hate homosexuals.”
“I am opposed to gay marriage.”
“I am opposed to civil unions.”
“I will not hire homosexuals.”
“I will not serve homosexuals.”
“I hope they die if cancer.”
“I hope Roseanne Barr dies of cancer.”
“[Anyone] should all rot in hell.”
“I will make it my mission to give as much money as I can, and only to, any organization that opposes anything LGBT.”

Well, did he? No. The rest of the above was set into motion by progressive spinsters who…wait for it….hate any position that is diametrically opposed to their opinion.
Mr Cathy has the right to value what he sees fit for his family…just as I do…just as you do…without everybody else and their neighbor spinning it into something that it simply is not.
Could you imagine how frustrating that would be if every little think you said was rabidly twisted to fit an agenda that isn’t even on your radar?
I too support marriage and family as defined in the traditional Biblical sense…it is what works for my family. It is what my God has shown me is His desire.
That does not mean that I hate homosexuals, or even dislike them. For all I know, they have a different God, or even not God at all. I don’t shove my beliefs down their throats, and I sure as heck won’t let them shove theirs down mine!
Jesus taught us to love thy neighbor. Let’s do ourselves all a favor…love one another and leave the judgement to our God.
As long as you continue to perpetuate the lies and the hatred, you are guilty of sin…and that is something I certainly don’t want to bear…I have enough judgement of my own to come the day I meet my Maker.


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