Congratulations MO1! You Just Screwed Yourself!

It was a slaughtering of epic proportions: Lacy Clay essentially ended the Carnahan family dynasty, according to the RFT:

Yesterday’s Missouri primary resulted in a few surprises. The biggest, perhaps, was Congressman Lacy Clay’s stunning victory over Congressman Russ Carnahan for Missouri’s First Congressional District that includes all of St. Louis and much of the county. Clay garnered 63.2 percent of the vote to Carnahan’s 33.9 percent in the newly redrawn district that had the two Democratic incumbents battling for the same seat.

Disappointing, but not as surprising, was Robyn Hamlin’s victory over Tea Party. CandidatesMartin Baker, also in the Missouri First Congressional District. I say not surprising, because the majority of delegates, and alternate delegates in MO1 are Ron Paul supporters.

It was a long shot, we knew, but we pushed forward anyway. Martin’s campaign was run solely by volunteer tea party patriots, which Baker endearingly referred to as “the best campaign staff money can’t buy”. Had the libertarian Hamlin actually run on the Libertarian ticket, St Louis and MO1 would have had a fighting chance. Sadly, now, they do not.
Hamlin has absolutely no chance in the General Election against Lacy Clay. After her dirty, smear campaign she ran in the primary, including attacking her opponent’s children, she has disenfranchised the grassroots…who are predominantly Christian. Missouri Right to Life will not endorese her, as will most esteemed organizations, as she has no platform… And the GOP will not get behind her because, well, she is not a Republican. She is a Libertarian.
I believe I am being optimistic when I say I believe Hamlin will walk away from the General Election at 16%.
So there you have it, MO1. You voted, and gave yourself Clay. Congrats and enjoy. The rest of us are walking away from the lost cause.

At the very least, showing extreme grace in defeat, Martin D. Baker stated that despite his disappointment in the outcome of the primary race, his campaign achieved what they had set out to do: move the conservative dial in the district “We picked up 2,200 additional votes we did not have two years ago. That is a victory worth celebrating in and of itself.”


1 Response to “Congratulations MO1! You Just Screwed Yourself!”

  1. 1 Lisa Kaliski August 14, 2012 at 11:36 am

    Amen!! Looking forward to 2014 and being a part of the team that gets Martin elected 🙂

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