Thought From the Highway: McCaskill’s Incompetency

From our friends at Thoughts from the Highway, a letter from Missouri to it’s constituents:

By now people are certainly familiar with Missouri Congressman Todd Akin. Missourians have known him for years and those on the national scene most likely know him for his run in Missouri Senate against Claire McCaskill and as of late his Aug 19th 2012 “legitimate rape” comment on a local TV show. A comment that some may understandably find offensive yet also a comment for those that truly know Todd Akin would easily have been explained that the man did not mean the words as they were said and how they were heard.

Todd Akin is a well known respected Christian conservative in Missouri. Those that know him in Washington D.C. surely know this to be true as well although many have bailed on him for suspect reasons in my opinion. I’m not going to go into the depths of Todd’s mind or into an analysis of what he may have meant to say. I do know he has a deep respect for life and all Americans and this country’s values are first and foremost on his mind and in his campaign.

Todd Akin wears his beliefs on his sleeve and is an easy target for the left to attempt to shine a light of crazy on. If conservative values and being unshakable in defending innocent life and being Christian makes him crazy? Send me my crazy card please and Next Day Air ASAP. Is a candidate that speaks the truth openly in fiscal responsibility in government not what we want? Is voicing honesty in Christian values and the 1st Amendment not what we want? Misspeaking is a daily event with politicians or anyone in the spotlight. (See Joe Biden) See any variety of Hollywood type. We see it. Yet in today’s society in our media and in an ever present anti-Christian narrative and vibe, Todd is an easy target. A target he has taken on his entire career. It’s not what Todd says or even how he misspoke, it’s Todd the political threat they attack. The conservative values they abhor ”That whacky extreme Conservative Christian Akin” …his staunch conservative voting record. The mainstream media is asking for apologies daily today on anything and everything. Todd made his. He was sincere in saying it.

During the few weeks moving forward from his Aug 19th comment the local media in Missouri. Namely, the St.Louis Post Dispatch have been steadily investigating and gleefully reporting on various comments that Akin has made in the past and painting him as a radical and extremist. Claire McCaskill is running not touting her record because she can’t (like Obama) but rather putting out info in the ads that are half truths and quite frankly just lies. Yet I see no reporting or investigating of Claire’s checkered past and a long sketchy at best past it certainly is. A questioning of values is at hand folks.

Article on Claire 2006

Claire can’t run on Missouri jobs or its economy because it’s suffering yet she’s busy telling Americans “I hate coal” While she rubber stamps Obama’s dream of green and the over regulation of coal plants, a HUGE source of Missouri energy and jobs. An industry entangled with other key industries. Railroads. Union Pacific & Burlington Northern Sante Fe. Barges and riverfront coal industries as well. Those two railroads are Union jobs as well as the barge workers. Does Claire know that these industries can’t haul wind and solar power? Does she care what affect her votes and intentions are having and will have?

Claire says “I hate coal” ? She is right in line with Obama’s comments about “bankrupting the coal industry” and that’s exactly what will happen in Missouri. Our energy bills will skyrocket because of it. This is not by accident folks. This is Claire following lockstep with the Obama’s energy policy that Mitt Romney destroyed in last night’s debate. “Picking losers” I.E. Solyndra. Destroying key and crucial elements of the American heartland’s life blood without a viable affordable energy to even replace it. The Green Dream. At this point that’s exactly what it is..a dream. Claire stepped in a big pile of “Obama think” and has nothing to run on except to call Akin “extreme” You tell me what is truly extreme.

With the local media digging up something and anything nearly daily on Akin and with little to no defense. Twisting of his words, omitting others etc. The charge has had to be and has been taken on by local grassroots largely and others. Dana Loesch has an excellent write- up on what on Claire McCaskill and what is “truly extreme” about Claire herself on her site. We are doing all we can in Missouri to win this Senate seat and this race is very easily winnable and we are asking for your help and your input as well. The Senate is of crucial importance to our country and Claire McCaskill as of today only has a 6pt lead over Akin. Some of the GOP and PACS have come to help, but with every little dollar of support or a show of support means everything.

I ask those in other states that hear the likes of a Chris Christie or other politicians like him that say that they wouldn’t vote for Akin to know that they do the party nor the cause any good without knowing the inside local fight we have been fighting in Missouri. It’s time to stop the covering of asses and it’s time to win this seat and turn the Senate red. Self gratifying soapbox comments and media appeasing does not help Missouri Republicans and/or conservatives. It doesn’t help America period. Political correctness has no place in truth. Truth is we can win this race. Truth is Claire McCaskill has a horrid record and truth is… we need your support to send her packing and to help bring a true conservative to the Senate.

Why would one let a leftist media narrative sway one from what is obvious? Once you look at the sources of the misleading leftist narrative and agenda? It’s clear. Please don’t fall into that cess pool, that sand trap. It’s hard to get out of once you do fall. Don’t be played and swayed by frothing media lib types but rather please take a look at the big picture. The big picture is winning the White House and winning this ever so important Senate. Every seat count. Please don’t allow another empty chair like Claire. We can win here It can be done in Missouri. Now or never. Make your choice.


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