Braves Fans Trash Field after Disputed Call Favors Cardinals in Wild Card Victory

Can it get more ignorant than this? As Fox News reports, thousands of Atlanta Braves fans resorted to trashing their own field as the St Louis Cardinals swung their way to a 6-3 victory.
Apparently, left-field umpire Sam Holbrook called Andrelton Simmons out under the Infield Fly Rule — fans became irate as the ball landed at least 50 feet beyond the dirt. “That’s a stupid thing to protest” said Veteran Umpire Tim Ennenbach while watching the game. “Not only did the Braves have less than 2 outs, but the umpire makes the call while the ball is still in the air, not once it hits the ground. What was more ridiculous: the protest, or the crowd’s reaction to the call…I don’t know.”
Perhaps that is because most fans do not understand the infield fly rule. The purpose of IFR, is to prevent a defensive team from purposely dropping or not catching an infield fly with the intention of trying to turn a double play.
According to Q C Baseball:

if there was no infield fly rule, the following could happen: Runners are on first and second with less than 2 outs. Pop fly is hit to the third baseman. He intentionally drops the flyball, picks it up, touches third and then throws to second for a double play. It’s an easy double play because both runners are tagging up on their bases expecting the ball to be caught.

Granted the ball was outfield, the rule still applies, and last night’s controversial out was indeed justified.
Perhaps fans should spend a little less time acting like children over a valid call…one that the Umpire is trained and versed in… and brush up on the rules of the game they so claim to love.


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