Capturing the “Law-abiding” Leftists

I received an email yesterday from a friend who was extremely frustrated at the fact that her Romney/Ryan signs were stolen off of her front lawn. She filed a police report for trespassing and theft of personal property, and set up a new sign.
Several of us went back and forth on how to combat sign theft (which, by the way, is punishable by law). We certainly had some creative folks on that thread, and in the end, decided that the deer cameras were the way to go. Deer cameras are especially useful in these situations as they have both motion sensors and infrared cameras on them.
I remember thinking “at least none of my signs were stolen” I believe I even said it out loud…that’s the kiss of death right there. I woke up this morning to find my Romney/Ryan sign missing. Never mind that every other sign was left untouched.
Who are these people and what the hell is wrong with them? You’re that politically bent that you have to resort to trespass and theft? Or is it that you hold so little faith in your Chosen One being re-elected that you yank the competiton right out of the ground. Yeah, because that will somehow make Romney and Ryan completely disappear from the planet. These are the thought processes of the mentally challenged chumps of the American left.
Let me lay it out clearly for them: Stealing signs is illegal. You violate trespassing laws, you are complicit in theft of private property, not to mention the multitude of other laws that may apply as determined by the type of sign it is.


For those of us who have replaced our signs, I would caution thieves from taking the signs again. If you are caught stealing signs on camera, make no mistake that you will be punished to the fullest extent of the law…we will see to that!
In the mean time, smile for the camera! It’s going to be a hoot watching you struggle to get the signs that have been pounded down to the ground out! In fact, I’m making popcorn right now!


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