Claire McCaskill Slings Burgers, Mocks Constituents-Unemployed-Economy


Senatorial Incumebent Claire McCaskill made a stop in Rolla, Missouri (pronounced “Mis-our-ree”, not “Mis-our-UH”, Senator) where ago donned an apron and slung burgers. According to  Rolla Daily Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill donned a waitressing apron, dishing out hamburgers and pizza to a small crowd of about 40.
Claiming that she supports federal government interference in student loans, McCaskill mocked college graduates by partaking in the only jobs graduates and unemployed can find.
Apparently, McCaskill found it cutely symbolic to engage in a job clearly below her standards.  Mocking her Missouri constituents is hardly what a country that is hurting in the Second Great Depression. Somehow, McCaskill, who sided up with President Obama in voting in the largest job-killing legislation in history, believes this is fitting behavior for a seated Senator.
As constituents feel the agonizing tightening wrenches of record high cost if living: food, gas, textiles, taxes, and supplementing childrens’ public education out of pocket, her “symbolic gesture” is flat-out insulting. Many Missourians are turning to the only jobs left in this economy…menial work. These jobs are not below those who take them, but for many, it is strickly means for survival, a desperate act in a dying economy. If you are not a Senator who pocketed $40 MILLION in stimulus money as McCaskill did, you just gotta do what you gotta do to put bread in the table. The only thing beneath these struggling people of Missouri is jumping on the entitlement bandwagon.
Come November 6, constituents have two choices: their jobs, or McCaskill’s.


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