Reclaiming the Second Amendment Narrative


Military refer to firearms as weapons…because they were trained to use weapons under command. Common folk don’t. So think about this, the majority of the country can not rationalize *guns* as either a protective device, or an assault device…because it is an inanimate object.

Enter the mainstream media. They have an agenda to push. What better way to subliminally drive fear into the common majority who do not understand guns to begin with.
When I went through my initial NRA training, I was immediately taught 4 things:
-It is a firearm, not a weapon. It’s purpose is to neutralize a threat…not create a threat.
-Always point your firearm in a safe direction.
-Do not draw your firearm unless you are prepared to use it.
-A firearm is a trinity concept: 1. ammunition, 2. a firearm, 3. a person. If you take any one of those three elements away, there is no possible way for a firearm to discharge.


This last point, is perhaps.the most important point to be made. It is what the MSM conveniently fails to mention. Perhaps if we remove the unstable persons from the equation, we can cease to see these shootings happen.
Now, back to the media:
If I had a drink every time Hannity said “weapon” last night, I’d have been under the table 30 minutes in. *Weapons* is the narrative of the left. People fear *weapons*. It’s a subconscious thing. Weapons are used against people in an attack.
We need to be careful NOT to use “weapons”, but “firearms”. People don’t know how to rationalize fear into *firearms*. We need to steer the media outlets,
And it starts with conservative hosts, contributors and pundits. We need to stop pandering to the leftist agenda, the media bias. We need to fight for the Second Amendment with true and accurate terminology.
If we loose our Second Amendment rights, we lose everything.



1 Response to “Reclaiming the Second Amendment Narrative”

  1. 1 I. Fish January 16, 2013 at 9:53 am

    For your Consideration

    As an LEO when confronted with a gang of thugs terrorizing an area, I have used this simple and effective strategy.

    1. Identify the Boss
    2. Make the Boss understand that unless he makes the thugs stop terrorizing the area, I will make his life miserable.
    3. It is called the “Slap & Pickle”

    In regards to the 2nd Amendment and Gun Control
    1. Boss: Banks and Wall street
    2. Thugs: Obama and anti-gun politicians
    3. “Slap & Pickle”: I will stop paying the mortgage on my house and business until Obama and anti-gun politicians restore my 2nd Amendment rights and stop trying to take them.

    Pros to Strategy:
    Money talks, it’s all about the money, it must flow
    Available to anyone regardless of age or physical condition
    Confrontation with authority averted at this point
    Re-election war chests negatively impacted

    Cons to Strategy:
    Credit rating lowered
    Look for a house to rent

    Respectfully submitted,
    P.O. I. FISH

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