Attention Christians, this is a Culture War!

February 25, 2013

WIBC_Garrison_Loesch_Breitbart3-150x150So, angry callers swamped the phone lines of The Dana Show this afternoon wanting to excoriate the popular Christian talk-show host for wanting to engage in culture.

Dana live-tweeted the Oscars last night while watching the glamorization of ego event…and some on the Christian right were infuriated at her for wanting to engage in culture. These people argue that by any engagement in modern-day culture, one is promoting and contributing to the leftist Hollywood agenda.

Seriously? Seriously. I’ve got some news for you. Christianity is under attack here in America, in case you haven’t noticed. This is a cultural war we are in the midst of. Politics is downstream of culture. Until we reign in the culture, there is little that anyone will be able to do regarding violence, abortion issues, domestic issues, marital issues, abuse issues…shall I go on? First, we must recapture and inject pure biblical principles back into our society. What happened to honesty, humility, compassion, responsibility, purity, and respect? Until we obtain these, the rest is moot. The only way to achieve this is to engage in the culture that promotes the antithesis of Godliness.

And just a reminder: Without cultural engagement, we would never have had Elvis, Johnny Cash, Bob Hope, Ronald Reagan, Charles Schultz, CS Lewis, or, of course, the show Growing Pains! Could you imagine?

Christ calls us to engage, specifically, in Matt 28 16-20. I wouldn’t argue with that. Just sayin.


2 Responses to “Attention Christians, this is a Culture War!”

  1. 1 Letitia Wong February 25, 2013 at 2:21 pm

    Hey there…I guess I have to catch it podcasted! I did want to say though that as far as the “culture war” is concerned, Christian ideas lost the war during the Enlightenment. It has just been a slow slide backwards in civilization since then. What Christian churches need to do from here on out is similar to the New Testament Church, which is to start from practically the ground up. Christians need to start saying why they believe in Christianity in addition to saying that they do. Belonging to a church has to mean something more than one’s name on a roll. And Christians should be able to communicate that bringing positive change to a degenerate world is not for purposes of creating a comfortable life, but to point to the redemption in Jesus Christ that makes Christians able to love their neighbors.

    It’s good to see this being talked about openly. Keep it up. 🙂

  2. 2 u haul locations April 9, 2013 at 6:57 am

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