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Rockwood School District Publishes Student Health Records Online

It seems that the Rockwood School District in St Louis Missouri just can’t take a break. continues to make poor, unconstitutional decisions.

First, in an effort to receive vouchers from the state, schools implemented a “Run for Recess” requiring students run laps around the track before participating in what was left of their 15 minute recess. Next, it was discovered that the district  fingerprints all students without parental consent. Then came the state audit which unveiled what we already knew: the district was funneling millions of dollars to school board president Steve Smith (who later resigned, but not before throwing Superintendent Bruce Borchers under the bus. Borchers will not return to RSD).

The fingerprinting scandal broke when a mother noticed that someone else was eating off of her child’s account. Upon inquiry, she was told that “someone else’s fingerprint must be similar to your son’s”. Huh? Fingerprint. The district refused to comment on the issue, but later published an *opt-out* document for parents to restrict the child from being fingerprinted…but there is no indication anywhere on their website which informs parents of the standard practice. In other words, if the parent is not aware of the fingerprinting of their child, they would have no way of knowing to click on the opt-out link. This also gives the district the opportunity to implement this measure, though unconstitutional, and without parental consent of a minor, by default.

fingerprint opt out (2)

Now it has been discovered that the Rockwood School District has taken upon itself to actually publish student health records online. These records can be found on the district’s “Infinite Campus” site which is a database for all things and anything the district wants on record. Personal information. Information that goes directly into the Longitudinal Database as part of Common Core Standards. You can find all you need and more on the Longitudinal Database, as well as Common Core at Missouri Education Watchdog.

health record (4)

This database, though on a secure webpage, still jeopardizes student privacy rights. Personal information of a minor can not be shared or published without parental consent. RSD was approached on this issue, to which they (per their M.O.) remained silent and refused any comment regarding these publications. This database, of course, may be subject to sale, where another entity would have full access to this information. Worse, this database may also be seized by the federal government as part of  Common Core integration.  It seems that as long as the parents don’t know what is going on, RSD will continue to institute whatever practices they desire, despite the law.



In order to better align with legislative schedules, Conferences have been delayed until the fall of 2011 when the Legislators reconvene for the 2011 Veto Session.
New dates will be posted shortly.

The St. Louis Tea Party Coalition has announced a two day spring conference event designed to determine the effectiveness of grassroots organizations on the State Legislature. Bill Hennessy, co-founder of the organization, explains “The Spring Conference will help us take account of our progress since the first tea parties of February 2009, and to determine measurable actions for the next 18 months.”

Hearings will be held from 9 am to 4:15 pm on Friday, June 10 2011 in Jefferson City.  Committees will reconvene on Saturday, June 11, for committee work, report writing on the findings of the hearings, and a general address of overall findings.  The conference will hear closing remarks by a panel of celebrity panelists at 4 pm Saturday, followed by an evening social.

The eight established  Committees: Legislative, Economics, Commerce, Conservation, Science, Government, Education, and Culture will be questioning Legislators in an open examination of the State of the grassroots movement.  In the process, the organization expects to forge stronger bonds between people and groups from around the state as well as evaluate and elevate the grassroots experience of the past two years, giving the cause greater depth and impact .

The St. Louis Tea Party Coalition is extending an invitation to up to 50 grass-roots organization to co-sponsor this event.  Each sponsoring group will be permitted two delegates to the event.  Delegates will be assigned to a Panel and to a Committee and chosen delegates must be named no later than June 3, one week prior to the conference opening.  Assigned delegates will question witnesses and write committee reports on testimony and future actions.  All sponsorships are designed to help off-set the cost of the event.

Sponsorships include lunch and refreshments on Friday and Saturday.

In addition to group delegates, the Conference can accommodate up to 100 at-large delegates. These individuals will be assigned to panels and committees as space permits. They will receive lunch and refreshments on Friday and Saturday.

The St Louis Tea Party Coalition will also be offering a total of twenty scholarships for attendance to the Conferences, of which, ten are specifically available to students between  15-21 years of age.

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