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Todd Akin: The Congressman, The Senator

Last night, my family and I attended several Missouri Primary watch parties…but none as electrified as that of now Senatorial Candidate Todd Akin.
As each updated poll result hit the big screen, the crowd cheered with greater enthusiasm as each precinct reported in. What really caught my eye though, was as I canvassed the room, I noticed no less than 30 men and women sitting quietly among the perimeter of the at-capacity ballroom. It was not that they were not excited by the unfolding developments in the hottest contested race in the State, nor were they socially awkward and not wanting to chat with other attendees…they had quietly surrounded the perimeter of the room in intercessory prayer.
Prayer warriors had come to offer up their faith for God’s Provision, Favor, and Grace to form a hedge around this campaign. I joined them.
This was nothing new to me regarding the Akins. I’m not just talking about the campaign, but the way they live their lives out daily.
Several years ago, Todd Akin’s wife, Lulli, reached out to me. She told me that she had been praying and felt the Lord had convicted her to take me in under her wing as a mentor and prayer partner. Admittedly, I was taken aback, as a relative newcomer to Missouri politics. However, what nobody else knew, was that I had been praying for that very type of relationship…never knowing it was Lulli Akin that God had intended. So, the relationship of her as my spiritual mother-figure began.
Be it walking thru the park, lunch, or conversations by phone or text, each conversation was reverent, insightful, and prayerful.
Eventually, Lulli shared with my the story of thecourtship between her and Todd..a story which could easily be taken right out of a biblical romance novel. She talked about their prayerful plight through God’s desire for her husband in politics, and the strength and wisdom she gleaned from The Lord as a mother, and wife of a public figure. It was then that she shared perhaps the most profound statement I had ever heard:
She told me “Todd fears The Lord, not man.”
Wow! It hit me. Not only that, but looking back upon Akin’s voting record, it all made sense.
This is the man who took the 2am phone call from President Bush, telling him that he was sorry, but he had prayed about No Child Left Behind, and could not vote for it. This was Bush’s friend, voting against the First Lady’s pet project. If that doesn’t scream obedience, I don’t know what does.
Though Todd was, by all media accounts, looking as though his decision to vacate his Congressional seat to seek the Senate was facing a career-ending decision, those of us who understand both Todd and God’s divinity dutifully held on to faith by prayer.
Jim Talent has said “God just protects that man”, referring to Akin. Indeed, He protects His chosen.

Suddenly, I was jolted back into realtime last night by an overwhelming roar in the room. A roar so loud, it sent children and grandchildren who had been playing in the lobby running in to see what had happened. That was the moment Todd Akin was declared winner of the Missouri Senate Primary.
Minutes later, Akin’s son, Campaign Manager Perry Akin took the stage, announced the victory, and introduced Todd, joined by his wife, children and grandchildren in an electrifying victory speech.
I have no doubt that Akin, an engineer who genetically is more wired as a Senator than the successful Congressman he has been, will be guided and protected by God throughout his bid for the Missouri Senate, and his work there, once elected. I will join the Akins, and Christians everyday in praying over Akin, his family, his campaign, and his decisions…that God would continue to protect him.
Akin has made many decisions that enraged the Establishment GOP, yet he prevailed last night. He overcame a three-way race despite facing a massive war-chest and string of last-minute big-ticket endorsements by his opponents. That, no doubt, is Divine Intervention.
I will say it, so it sinks in: Todd fears The Lord, not man. And The Lord will honor that, always. I have no doubt he will carry this through his Senatorial career. It’s who he is.


UPDATED: Hamlin: Censorship Aspires for Congressional Seat

It seems that Robyn Hamlin, the Libertarian running as a Republican in the First Congressional District of Missouri, has a bit of a hypocrisy problem.

On June 24, at the annual St Louis GOP picnic, Hamlin was approached by Tony Laszacs and questioned as to why she had not yet responded to the invitation to debate Martin Baker, her primary opponent, at an event to be held on July 24 sponsored by the League of Women voters. Hamlin subsequently posted a picture of that interaction on her campaign’s Facebook page.

Grassroots activist Jen Ennenbach had made a statement as to the context of the photograph several times in the comments section of the pic.


So, I guess seeing as how you have taken my comment down 3 times now, I guess you DON’T want your constituents to know that this really IS Tony inviting you to tonight’s debate. So much for honesty and transparency.


Each time, Hamlin removed the comments from her campaign page, in an attempt to cover up her cowardly refusal to even acknowledge her request to debate by both her opponent, and the LWV. CryLiberty was sent screenshots of Hamlin’s campaign page verifying this…along with a message from the source.


You deleted yet another comment on your page? Are you kidding me? Ron Paul would be ashamed of you, Republicans should be ashamed of you, and Libertarians should be ashamed of you. Every single citizen that supports Liberty, freedom and people voice being heard should be ashamed of you. You are scared of free speech, you are scared of people disagreeing with you, and you’re scared of the truth being told. I am disgusted! People want more freedom…and “a representative that listens to them”?….You just proved it isn’t you!!!



Despite Hamlin’s refusal to respond to the debate, which caused the LWV to cancel the event, Baker retained the venue and held a candidate meet-and-greet in lieu of the debate.

“It is so disturbing to me that someone would actually run for an elected office, but not even make themselves available to the voters. If this is the way she treats constituents before an election, I can’t imagine how she would treat us if she was actually elected.” Stated one attendee who came to the event to learn more about the candidates. She added, “It’s like Claire McCaskill all over again. So disappointing, but I’m still glad I’m here.”

It looks as though Hamlin will continue to marginalize herself in the less than two weeks left until the primary election on August 7. In the past month, Hamlin has been peppered by accusations of running a dirty campaign against her opponent, as well as the call to question her “Republican” status.

The self-proclaimed Libertarian continues to attempt to align herself with the St Louis Republican Party, yet claims that the GOP has completely ignored her campaign, according to her campaign’s website. However, as evidenced by her practice of censorship, it is apparent that she can no longer align herself with “libertarian” principles either.

Meanwhile, Baker presented his platform, “Baker’s Dozen”, to an animated crowd, giving voters what they so dutifully seek…information.

MOCD1: The Great Debate(s)


Tomorrow, July 24, The League of Women Voters is slated as holding a debate for the two candidates in the GOP Primary Race in Missouri’s First Congressional District: Martin Baker and Robyn Hamlin. The event will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel-St Louis Airport, Bridgeton, MO from 7-8:30pm.

Over the past few weeks, we have sat and watched a nasty smear campaign orchestrated by Hamlin’s camp against Baker. One that have left most of us wondering: 1. Will she even show up at the event, and 2. If she does, why?

Why do we ask “why”? Well, it seems as though Mrs Hamlin is quite a bit confused as to where she actually even fits in to the political system. Before announcing her candidacy, Hamlin posted a poll on her Facebook page asking readers to vote on what party she should run under:


Now, before we go any further, one must ask this: If you are not a Republican, why on earth would you run as one? Is it because you do not think your platform is not strong enough to run independently? Is it because you are ashamed of your Libertarian roots? Is it because “well, if Ron Paul can do it, so can I”? Whatever the answer, it’s weak at best. So weak, it looks like Hamlin is just running to see herself run.

Last week, Hamlin released a statement touting the campaign’s hiring of the firm Liberty Torch Consulting Group, a Libertarian front group. The announcement goes on to read:

Hamlin For Congress is now working with Liberty Torch Political Consulting, LLC. They are bringing in some of the biggest names in the Republican movement, from David Adams (who managed Rand Paul’s successful Senate campaign) to Jonathan Bydlak (who oversaw Ron Paul’s record breaking 2008 fundraising operation) to Dave Nalle (national chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus) to Christopher Hamilton (who designs ads and commercials for such clients as McDonalds, Sprint, and Coca Cola).

Apparently this new firm is also well versed in writing run-on sentences, as can be seen here. In their first press release for the Hamlin Campaign, Hamlin complains she is ignored by Missouri’s GOP.

…um, they are probably ignoring you because you are not a Republican. Enough said on that.

Additionally, Robyn claims to be a Tea Party candidate, and one that “listens to you”…however, aside from signing the STLTPC Tea Party Treaty during her last campaign run, noted area leaders within the movement can not name an example where they can recall Hamlin taking to the streets in a single Tea Party issue, here in St Louis.

So, we are left with the remaining questions:

Will Hamlin show at the League of Women Voters’ Debate on July 24?

Will Hamlin bow out of the GOP Race and run on the Libertarian ballot as she should?

Will Hamlin answer to the smear campaign against Baker?

Will the GOP get behind the only Republican in this race (as they should)?

Most importantly, what do you think about this?

UPDATE: Due to Hamlin’s repeated lack of response to the evnt, Missouri’s League of Women Voters have cancelled the debate. Baker’s Campaign has retained the venue and will be hosting a public meet and greet with the Candidate and staffers.

Hamlin’s Image is Less Than Desirable in Public

Here is what popped up in my inbox first thing this morning:

Has anyone in the GOP ever actually met Hamlin?

I’d like to say ‘not to be rude’… but… I’m actually all for being rude when it’s the best way to express what’s true – she looks like a friggin’ bag lady!

She & Martin both came to the After-Party tonight. Martin, as usual, was neat, clean & professional looking; she, looked like a sloppy, unkempt, bag lady.

And sadly, her appearances weren’t only skin deep – she was going around telling everyone how she just contracted ‘big time’ consultants to run her campaign, and I swear, she came off like the neighbor you wish you didn’t have, talking up the killer deal they and they alone had wangled on a high priced plasma TV ‘that you’ll NEVER be able to afford!’.

Martin, on the other hand, was going around the room, talking about the issues, and the debate he was looking forward to participating in.

If you want the GOP to get behind Martin, introduce them to Hamlin!

Exclusive: Candidate Martin Baker Refuses To Be A Victim

A week ago today, Martin Baker, Congressional Candidate for Missouri District , was verbally attacked by black Obama supporters by being called an “Uncle Tom Nigger”, among many other colorful terms.

Many Baker sympathizers are now speaking out about the incident and his Candidacy, yet Martin refuses to assume the role of the victim.  At there rally baker was urged to “come to the other side” by Obama supporters. When he asked why he should, he was met with the reply “because you just should”.

“My 12 year old could have come up with a better argument than that.” Baker stated on the growing public outcry.  “Those people, in their angry racist rage, were enslaved, where they stood, where I stood, I was empowered, enlightened and free”.

About 250 people of mixed cultures, heritages, sexes and political affiliations stood behind Baker as he held his ground during the confrontation.

“Thank you, thank you, I will never back down on what it is that I believe in, and that is that all men were created equal in the eyes of the Lord, and our forefathers constructed a Constitution that ensures those very inalienable rights given to us regardless of race, religion, or creed” said Baker who is backing his run against the Democrat machine that has ruled the 1st district for over sixty years. The very machine he claims to have destroyed the city, the gang structure and the black culture. “That is precisely why this kind of backward racism exists today, and I want more for my children and grandchildren”, he added.

This backward racism needs to end. It will with a vote for Martin Baker in Missouri’s First!

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