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The Undecided Voter…

…you no longer exisist. This is not a popularity contest! If nothing else, you are uncommitted. My question to you is “Why”?
Trust me, I’ve been there when my heart and my mind were at odds…millions of times. That’s what makes us human. It does.
However less than 24 hours from America flocking en masse to the polls, do you really not know who you are going to vote for? Probably not…you just don’t want to say it…and that is okay, our votes are between us and the ballot boxes. Period.
I’m not saying either candidate is perfect.
I am saying, they are SO different, “undecided” doesn’t cut it anymore. image

Let’s first get down to the nitty-gritty: Benghazi (or Libya as many refer to the situation)… The Presidential phone–the phone to the Commander-and-Chief of the United States Military rang, and rang, and rang. Those who answered directly to CICOUSM had ZERO response. The phone went unanswered. Americans died, as a result. The first question you have to ask “Is THIS the way the President of the United States, Commander-In-Chief of the US Military should conduct himself?”

For the Christians out there, even the liberal ones, you know where God stands on issues. So, really, it’s off your shoulders to vote according to the Lord’s Word and you can keep the fact that you honor God above all other leadership to yourself, if say, you are about to have angry union thugs turn your card over. It’s none of their business.
If this is your first inquiry here, please disregard all that I mentioned about the book of Jeremiah…because it takes weeks to understand in regards to this election, and we are out of time…noteworthy, chronologically, it’s hard to follow. What Jeremiah does point to is cultural, spiritual and economic collapse.
If you are not a Christian, that’s cool, we love you too. And to you,  everything that Christians may say sounds totally stupid. I get that too. But how more stupid is it without any type of faith to resort to genocide?
How more freeing a notion than to put the weight of the world on someone else’s shoulders…to feed the poor, to birth the unwanted, to heal the sick? You are hereby released of such responsibility.
We only ask, in return, you support the lives out there today…day in, day out, simply trying to live…whether they be military, elderly, a patient in ICU with massive damages, babies sucking their thumb with a heart-beat in utero, children innocently sitting in a movie theatre with friends…

You don’t NEED to play God. Just don’t let others as well!

If beyond this, you are undecided, I pray for you. That you would find courage to make the correct decision. Think of the lives lost. The irresponsibility in measures by the Obama Administration that, God forbid, if a yourself or a loved-one were unfortunately placed in position would result indeath, that it be the decision of the loved ones, not a distant governmental entity. That is at stake…more now than ever.
Before you vote: Where we be in 2016?


The Voice Obama Ignored

This is from Ginni over at LiveFromTheCatacombs…and it should go VIRAL!:

A letter to the President, from a small business owner who did iton his own:

So, this morning was a salient example of why my father [the owner of a small family bakery] hates this Administration, especially after this weekend’s speech.

While we were working on other things, our donut fryer caught fire (nothing serious, sort of).

Apparently a bad welding job from a couple years ago caused shortening to drip into the heating jets, thereby causing a nice little self sustaining fire.

Dad and I just kind of looked at each other with a “now what” expression. Dad tried smothering it with towels, but after the towels nearly caught fire, he broke down and pulled out the fire extinguisher.

At first, dad was resigned to the idea of scrapping every single donut for the day (which he had already cut out). So not only would we lose all that labor, we’d essentially lose our entire day’s profit, and that is not taking into account having to fix something we had already paid to fix.

Where was the government? Where were the roads, teachers, whatever that the President chided us about?

The reality of the situation is, it is the small business owner that takes all the risk. If it costs you nothing, or if there is absolutely no risk, can you really take credit for “helping” someone?

My dad and I had to decide if we were going to try to re-light the fryer and basically pray it didn’t flash over in my face while frying donuts. That, or watch the entire day go straight to hell.

*We* pay the price of failure, but the government loses nothing. If we succeed, the government gets to take half.

Why? Because they built some damn roads with *our* tax money? Because they hired some teachers I never saw, with *our* tax money? The hell you say! Where’s the risk? Where’s the sacrifice?

The government risks *nothing* because any and every investment they make *we* pay for. When Solyndra fails, no one in the government loses, The People do.

The small businessman risks his savings, his house, his livelihood, his health, and sometimes his life, and when he actually succeeds (through hard work, massive hours, and pain) the government takes half or more after risking *nothing*.

So yes, Mr. President, we did it on our own and you can basically screw the hell off.

p.s. we fried the donuts. #customerservice

Eviction Night: OSTL Steals Adam Sharp’s Chant

It’s on, it’s off. . .it’s on, it’s off.  Mayor Slay Makes up his mind. . .or not.  Either way, on Eviction Night, they steal Adam Sharp’s chant.  Sure, it’s not Adam’s chant, per se, but he’s certainly known for it in this neck of the woods!

That’s right, all eight of them! LOL!

American Economists win Nobel Prize

Well, of course! American Economists winning the Nobel  Prize amid a crashing economy makes perfect sense.

…about as much sense as it made to give it to Al Gore for making up “theories” about climate change in 2007.

…about as much sense as it made to give the same award to Barack Obama for, er, uh, being Barack Obama in 2009.

Perhaps it has something to do with the odd years?

Is It Any Wonder Our Kids Are Failing???

In response to a an email you’ll probably find resurfacing from Snopes (confirmed as “true” by the way) regarding bottle-bombs, blogger Chuck MacNab makes yet another great observation:

Could it be that this is just another result, among many, of the permissiveness that has been forced on our culture by liberals, especially since the 1960’s? Perhaps the liberal culture has so corrupted our children that it has confused many about the definition of criminal activity and ordinary people are no longer safe at home or at work? Certainly it has removed conscience and the awareness of ethical standards from the thought processes of many young people.

Schools, for instance, are no longer places where children are educated. Their most important function is to provide money from the community to pay for baby sitting services that are called “education.” The schools and many who work there have become spoiled brat examples of destructive activism designed to support an enhanced life-style. They have proven that they will withdraw their services and even fight in the streets to keep the power to strip communities of tax money and transfer it to themselves. They want to continue to elect school boards that vote to take advantage of low voter turnout to keep the money flowing “in the right direction.”

Citizens have only themselves to blame when they do not vote and allow these special interest groups (who do) to continue to raise taxes and transfer money to support a higher standard of living than most voters can now afford. With examples such as the screaming teachers in Wisconsin and their allies in big labor, what are children expected to learn as they observe examples of what is going on there and in their own neighborhoods? Maybe they are learning how to riot in the streets and, without a conscience, how to make cheap explosives that blow peoples fingers off? It’s time we started “connecting the dots” folks!

Local Teamsters Go Way Of Mickey Mouse!

You’ll remember last week,  the Teamsters were lobbying in Jefferson City,  but they also  had to scrub their Rally due to low turnout.  Guess even when General President Hoffa Jr was headlining the event, a free bus ride and box lunch still doesn’t cut it!

So, in looking around for ANY info on what the Teamsters were up to last week, I found a lone tweeter, Cathy Sherwin, updating the Twittersphere on what Mr. Hoffa was sharing with his weak audience of 200. . .and you’re not going to believe what his mantra was. . .

Wait for it. . .  

Wait for it. . .  

He went all Disney on his Union Croanies!!!  

I kid you not, his theme was none other than High School Musical’s “We’re All In This Together”!  

C’mon!  Sing it with me!

We’re All In This Together

Once We Know That We Are

We’re All Stars

And We See That

We’re All In This Together!

The Left Can’t Seem To Organize It’s Way Out Of A Box!

So, apparently the Teamsters are not only lobbying in Jefferson City today, but they are also hosting a Rally.  That was the plan, anyway.  In fact, it all looked to be pretty well organized. . . to the extent that they began advertising the event a month and a half before the event.  In fact they, were “assuming a large turnout” for the Rally since General President Hoffa was headlining the event.

Well, I guess we all know what happens when you A-S-S-U-M-E.  Yep, Teamsters, once again, made asses out of themselves. . . again!

Yesterday, Gateway Pundit reported on the miserable failure yesterday’s “Tax the Rich” Rally, which brought in a pathetic couple dozen loonies.  Most of them appeared dazed, confused, and distracted by the fact that they needed to come up with some sort of excuse as to why they were at a *Rally* (if you want to call it that), and not at work.  

So, fast-forward ONE DAY.  Tuesday, April 19, 2011.  I was really hoping to make it out to out to the Capitol to meet with my friends in the House and Senate. . .but moreso, to see how well the moonbats organized after yesterday’s @ass-smacking fizzle.  Unfortunately, I am also a parent with two small children, which does not afford me to take-off on a whim.  So, I set to the internet to do what I do best. . . drive my left pals nuts.  

I started searching for any and all articles on today’s BIG RALLY. Nada.  I logged onto Facebook to spy back on the *oh-so-clever* lefty “Friends” who really don’t think I’m on to them. Still nothing.  I thought, surely I’d find something in my Twitterfeed. *Crickets*  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I found ONE person on all of Twitter tweeting about it.  NO mention of a Rally, NO pictures of a Rally.  In fact, it looks like it was even worse than yesterday’s faceplant to the concrete.  They DID have a small group in a meeting room <a href=”; title=”Share photos on twitter with Twitpic”><img src=”; width=”150″ height=”150″ alt=”Share photos on twitter with Twitpic”></a>

 So, my question of the day is this:  For all the brainless lefties who have been watching the Tea Party for the last two years, what have you learned?  Certainly not how to organize, that’s for sure. 

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