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Cultural Erosion and the *Legality* of Marriage

In a report issued yesterday by the New York Times, several *prominent* Republicans signed a legal brief in support of gay marriage. This includes four former Governors, two members of Congress, and several advisers to former President George W. Bush.

This move continues to shed light upon the fact that those on The Hill are completely out of touch with the American people. While the gay community has been manipulated by mainstream media in to a big hurrah as a victory for gay rights, they are ignoring the fact that this only further enslaves them. They are now caught in the snare that the heterosexual community has been subject to: a government mandate on the institution of marriage.

Last time I checked, marriage was not an illegal act, but a biblical concept. Lets take a look. From freedictionary:



1. a. Official or legal permission to do or own a specified thing. See Synonyms at permission.

b. A document, plate, or tag that is issued as proof of official or legal permission: a driver’s license.
2. Deviation from normal rules, practices, or methods in order to achieve a certain end or effect.
3. Latitude of action, especially in behavior or speech. See Synonyms at freedom.

4. a. Lack of due restraint; excessive freedom: “When liberty becomes license, dictatorship is near” (Will Durant).

b. Heedlessness for the precepts of proper behavior; licentiousness.·censed, li·cens·ing, li·cens·es

1. To give or yield permission to or for.
2. To grant a license to or for; authorize. See Synonyms at authorize.
Permission. Since when does one need permission to do something which is protected by their religious freedom? Freedom. Freedom of what? The freedom to make your own choice…or is it the government’s job to issue approval? Authorize. Since when does the government hold authority over a biblical concept?
Let’s take a look at Merriam-Webster:

noun \ˈlī-sən(t)s\

1 a: permission to act  b: freedom of action

2 a: a permission granted by competent authority to engage in a business or occupation or in an activity otherwise unlawful
b: a document, plate, or tag evidencing a license granted
c: a grant by the holder of a copyright or patent to another of any of the rights embodied in the copyright or patent short of an assignment of all rights
3 a: freedom that allows or is used with irresponsibility
b: disregard for standards of personal conduct :licentiousness
4 deviation from fact, form, or rule by an artist or writer for the sake of the effect gained
What? “An activity otherwise unlawful”? Yes, the power the government has impressed upon the church has deemed it illegal for anyone to marry, gay or straight, within a church without permission from the State to do what is otherwise unlawful, irresponsible, with  disregard for standards of personal conduct, and is a deviation from normal rules, practices, or methods. And there you have it, the act of marriage has now become subject to criminal activity unless a government official decides that it in your best interest to grant your request. Sounds like freedom, eh?
In 1999, while planning my wedding, we were specifically told by the priest that it was illegal for the church to perform the ceremonial rite of marriage. When pressed, he further responded that no church would perform such as it would jeopardize the church’s tax-exempt status. So, it seems their hands were tied as well.
This is where the government first really screwed the homosexual community, knowing at the time that churches would not perform weddings to those of the same-sex as it violated their belief system, bound churches pretty much by extortion. With the signing of this brief, it now looks as though the gay community is now bound too.
A little food for thought from my dear friend Scott Boston:

I don’t think the Government should tell Churches who to marry.

I also don’t think the Government should tell Churches who they shouldn’t marry.
If a church says that gay marriage is in violation with its beliefs and tenets of its faith then I have no problem with that church not performing that rite.
If a gay couple can find a church that wants to marry them, more power to them.
If you go to the justice of the peace, I think you should get a civil union no matter who you are since it is a civil and not a religious institution.
The reason that Government got involved in marriage was because progressives who believed in eugenics wanted to make sure that blacks and whites could not intermarry and dilute the white race.
Instead, both sides in Washington are now perpetuating more big-government by placing further restrictions on citizens. This is not a win for gay marriage, it is a further push toward slavery. We now have one more notch on the post of government control.
As the GOP continues to erode, so will society and American culture. From stixblog:
The slow decay of morality is the basis of the socialist movement.  It makes the people look to the State instead of Community and Religion for direction.
I do not wear my religion on my sleeve, but the total disregard for Religious Liberty is eroding, and is going into overtime with Obama.
It was mentioned to me that in a lot of ways, violent revolution would be easier than the battle that we and our children are about to face in the next generation.
I just finished The Harbinger at book club. It’s a very interesting read about an ancient biblical prophecy that foretells our collapse.
This isn’t a fight that our children will fight.  It’s ramping up to befall America in just a few short years. Things will continue to get worse as organizations and institutions fall into disarray, the GOP is there now.
Turning back to God is the only answer.
With that said, this is precisely where America stands at this moment:
The question is, will we continue to slam the door, or will we finally look to see what is on the other side before it’s too late?

Lucas Case the Yo-yo

Aside from the fact that his recent demeanor leaves quite a bit to be desired, it seems Mr. case has completely lost sight of who he claimed to be. Check out his “voter guide“.

The “log cabin republican” seems to be anything but. Among his endorsements: Jay Nixon, Claire McCaskill, Susan (Margarita) Montee, and Prop B (tobacco tax on the poor).
Politics certainly has it’s ups and downs, but few take that to the literal level. Why has Mr. Case crossed over to the other side, while still touting his GOP creds? Nobody is sure…maybe he is just supporting the opposition to anyone who refused to give him a paying gig. Stranger things have happened!

The Political Execution of Todd Akin

As I have come under heavy fire over the past few days for my comment “If you participated in throwing Akin under the bus, you are a PROGRESSIVE”, I have gained even more backing…and it is starting to line up.

True, maybe “progressive” was too strong a word. Fine, I will restate: If you participated in throwing Todd Akin under the bus, you resorted to progressive tactics.” There, does that make anyone feel any better…or do you have now have remorse for the knee-jerk reaction to resorting to such Alinsky tactics?

It seems I’m not alone and the numbers are growing. This, from American Vision:

We expect leftists, liberals, and other miscreants to pounce opportunistically, to lie, cheat, and twist (all the while drooling) over a phrase like “legitimate rape” when uttered by a strong conservative Christian politician. But should we expect the same from alleged conservatives?

Yet this is exactly what we’ve seen from several prominent conservatives in the wake of a media gaffe from U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin (R-MO) in regard to alleged “legitimate rape” and abortion.

What could have been quickly and easily handled with a consolidated response correctly interpreting Akin’s unfortunate phrase was instead a rare cause of bipartisan hazing.

It’s an old and reliable political reality: liberals care for even the criminals in their midst, while conservatives shoot their wounded. So, for example, Joe Biden can put all three of his left feet in his mouth twice a week and the media performs damage control (and perhaps leash training as well). The Right can scream and howl but the matter gets buried in no time. And thus, the male-prostitute hiring Barney Franks of this world retire from Congress as alleged civil rights heroes.

Meanwhile, let a conservative utter an awkward phrase, and it’s ready, aim, fire—not only from the leftist media, but from alleged conservatives like Ann Coulter, Scott Brown, the Romney-Ryan campaign, and the RNC itself. “We’re not associated with him!”

And in this case, the volley of verbal bullets came with disproportionate verve. It’s almost like the GOP establishment is more than eager to get rid of the most conservative tea-party types among them. (This is not to endorse Akin myself. I find his views on foreign policy and unlimited military-empire spending far less than biblical.)

Fact is, Todd Akin has always been the anti-Establishment, tea party favorite. He has stood up against the liberal machine, the biased MSM and the GOP Establishment…all of which threw him under the bus, then picked him up and threw him right back under again…and again..and again…and the man STILL got back up. I don’t know about you, but that is resilience in my book. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few of those among the 100 Senators serving America?

Truly a David v Goliath.

But here is where the rest of you are missing the point…none of this changes the man’s record. None of this warrants the character assasination mounted against him and his family. And none of this changes the fact that he is the candidate.

So, are you going to continue to bow to leftist tactics, or are you going to get the most dangerous, sly, and progressive Senators the heck out of Missouri? It is Claire or Todd. You pick.

Akin Resurges in St Louis County

Days after Todd Akin’s gaffe-gone-viral, where he referred to what progressive “comedian” Whoopi Goldberg coined as “rape-rape” as “legitimate rape” (meaning that it actually happened…not that it was justified as acceptable), it seems the spin has gone too far and backfired.


Grassroots leaders on the ground in Missouri are reporting inboxes flooded, and phones ringing non-stop in a newly reaffirmed support for the Congressman’s Senatorial campaign.

It seems that cooler heads are prevailing, now that the knee-jerk reaction toward Akin’s remarks have been slept upon. Akin still leads Claire McCaskill in the Senate race, even after yesterday’s national uproar by the GOP Establishment.

While supporters in both John Brunner’s and Sarah Steelman’s camp gnared their teeth at the opportunity to snag the seat, should Akin vacate, those dreams were quickly dashed by the time they finally finished reading through Missouri’s Sore Loser Law.

Supporters are holding out hope for the Akin Campaign’s promise to stay in the race until the last vote is counted on November 6, many of them eagerly organizing to obtain additional yardsigns to display as soon as possible.

It is clear that the people voted, and Akin’s primary win should be upheld. It is also clear that the Missouri Establishment GOP was quick to stand next to the progressive extremists in throwing Akin under the bus, over and over again. If you ask me, I would want a man of such resilience in the Senate. It’s one out of 100, folks…and nobody in their right mind will be swayed by this enough to vote for McCaskill over Akin in November.

Everybody, take a deep breath… Ahhhhhh!

Don’t Miss: Victory Bus Tour – St. Louis Rally, Today

Join Senator Roy Blunt, Congressman Todd Akin, Ann Wagner, Victory Chairman Ed Martin & your statewide GOP ticket.

The Victory Bus will be at the Victory Fieldhouse (Highway 44 & 141, Fenton) Wednesday, August 15th at 4:00 PM. For more information contact Zachary Harper at 314-686-1367.

Congratulations MO1! You Just Screwed Yourself!

It was a slaughtering of epic proportions: Lacy Clay essentially ended the Carnahan family dynasty, according to the RFT:

Yesterday’s Missouri primary resulted in a few surprises. The biggest, perhaps, was Congressman Lacy Clay’s stunning victory over Congressman Russ Carnahan for Missouri’s First Congressional District that includes all of St. Louis and much of the county. Clay garnered 63.2 percent of the vote to Carnahan’s 33.9 percent in the newly redrawn district that had the two Democratic incumbents battling for the same seat.

Disappointing, but not as surprising, was Robyn Hamlin’s victory over Tea Party. CandidatesMartin Baker, also in the Missouri First Congressional District. I say not surprising, because the majority of delegates, and alternate delegates in MO1 are Ron Paul supporters.

It was a long shot, we knew, but we pushed forward anyway. Martin’s campaign was run solely by volunteer tea party patriots, which Baker endearingly referred to as “the best campaign staff money can’t buy”. Had the libertarian Hamlin actually run on the Libertarian ticket, St Louis and MO1 would have had a fighting chance. Sadly, now, they do not.
Hamlin has absolutely no chance in the General Election against Lacy Clay. After her dirty, smear campaign she ran in the primary, including attacking her opponent’s children, she has disenfranchised the grassroots…who are predominantly Christian. Missouri Right to Life will not endorese her, as will most esteemed organizations, as she has no platform… And the GOP will not get behind her because, well, she is not a Republican. She is a Libertarian.
I believe I am being optimistic when I say I believe Hamlin will walk away from the General Election at 16%.
So there you have it, MO1. You voted, and gave yourself Clay. Congrats and enjoy. The rest of us are walking away from the lost cause.

At the very least, showing extreme grace in defeat, Martin D. Baker stated that despite his disappointment in the outcome of the primary race, his campaign achieved what they had set out to do: move the conservative dial in the district “We picked up 2,200 additional votes we did not have two years ago. That is a victory worth celebrating in and of itself.”

Missouri’s First Congressional District: Robin Hamlin’s New Ad

Just in, Robin Hamlin’s new ad:

Sorry, wrong video. Robin Hamlin’s new ad:

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