University of Missouri: What are Legislators To Do?

So, this story is like the Energizer Bunny.  It just keeps going, and going, and going. . . So, why aren’t our elected officials doing anything about it?  Beacause they think they can just play dumb!  Seriously, I just received a copy of a response from Missouri State Senator to a concerned citizen that read:

Ms. ______,

My name is ____ ____ and I am the Chief of Staff for Sen. ___ ____. The senator asked me to write to you in response to your email about certain courses being offered at the University of Missouri. I would recommend that the best course of action for concerned citizens would be to contact the Board of Curators for the University of Missouri System, the contact information for which I have included below. Regarding your request that we investigate a means to strip funding, the Senate had already passed the budget for Higher Education a week before we received your email, making this course of action impossible for the upcoming fiscal year.

University of Missouri Board of Curators

316 University Hall
Columbia, Missouri 65211
Phone: (573) 882-2388
Facsimile: (573) 882-0010

Really??? Why the heck is the Senator also not a “concerned citizen”?  Is the Senator above it, or is this just a wishy-washy non-response?  This Senator in particular happens to be my Senator.  So the phones are about to get hot.

For the record, that last sentence by the COS is complete bullhonkey.  Lt. Governor Peter Kinder addressed both the House and Senate floors nearly 3 weeks ago on this issue (see below)

In the mean-time, here’s the latest on the story, and what you can do to ensure that we put a stop to the infiltration of communist indoctrination in our tax-dollar funded schools:

UMSL’s statement from yesterday
The video montages off the classes:
Highlights of the videos: Tony Pecinovsky (MO/KS Communist Party leader) recruiting for the communist party IN THE CLASS and with the support of the professors.
* Both professors advocating fear and intimidation tactics and laughing about a ceo Giljum scared so bad he was in fear for his life. * Gleeful discussions of inciting riots and destroying police cars. * Gleeful discussions on HOW TO DESTROY NON-UNION BUSINESSES. Advocacy of violence as a strategic tactic.
Kinder, on The Dana Show expressing outrage.
And just incase you’re as fired up as I am about this, here are a few more people you might want to “enlighten” regarding this filth:
Here’s the Higher-Ed Committee website

Chairman: Mike Thompson
Chairman: David Pearce
Other relevant committees:
Gubernatorial Appointees  Chaired by Rob Mayer
Governmental Accountability Chaired by Jim Lembke
In Liberty, we find Victory!  Now, get busy!

The Roaches Are A-Scatterin’! First Audio Clip Released.

We’ve flipped the lightswitch on. A brief review of what’s what in the world of Education in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri:

It’s been a LONG uphill battle these past few years dealing with the Public Education System.  This year alone, in the Rockwood School District we dealt with the “Run for Recess”, where Kellison Elementary School *requires* students to run a lap around the playground before they could part-take in recess activities, then we had the whole fingerprinting debacle. . .to which the District still has yet to answer to, and we NOW have private citizens being told they need to cease and desist on publishing any negative feedback about the schools on social networking sites.  (One parent was even called into the Principal’s office for a scolding on this and was told that they could face charges under cyber-bullying laws. . .forget the First Amendment!!!)

So first, I’d like to give credit where credit is due.  This week, one brave teacher stood up and announced to her class (under the unrelenting passion of a very vocal student on the issue) that they were not “required to run for recess” and that they actually had a choice in the matter– something that the Principal was absolutely unwilling to do. **This “program” was implemented by the school as a result of the loss of one PE day per week due to funding issues

So kudos to teachers who actually are advocating for the students and reaffirming student rights.  Any other brave souls out there?  PLEASE let us see a show of hands, because I want to have your back.

Next, we turn our eyes to the Rockwood NEA website, which for the first time since 2002 is undergoing their first “Annual Spring Update”.  I guess after running a general information page riddled with at least 27 grammar and spelling errors for as long as they had. . .and facing widespread ridicule for it. . .some maintenance is long overdue.

Now, we turn our eyes to the whole digital finger printing thing.  I’m sorry, but who the heck on earth thinks they have the right to take any child and scan their fingerprints without expressed written consent of the parent or legal guardian, or a judge’s court order?  Really?  Talk about violation of Constitutional rights!

Here’s the backstory on this:  A student comes home from school one day crying because the school forced him to eat a tuna fish sandwich for lunch.  When asked why he was forced to eat the sandwich, the child replied “because there is no money in my lunch account”.  As the parents looked into this puzzling matter, they received a phone-call from the district stating that other children had been eating off of their child’s lunch account because “their fingerprints were matching up with” the student’s.  And the rest of the story unraveled:

When the parent questioned the school on this practice, the school pointed it’s finger at the District.  The District’s Statement:

To answer your questions about the biometrics system for accessing meal accounts.  The system was first implemented in January 2009. I have attached a copy of the biometrics opt-out letter which was sent to all parents in December 2008. It explains the enrollment process and that no finger scans are stored in the system.  This information is currently posted on the Rockwood Child Nutrition web page and has been since December of 2008, below is a link to the page. .  Kellison does not include the opt-out letter in the packets given to new students.

[Your student’s] student ID numbers are no longer in the biometrics system.  Their lunch accounts can only be accessed by entering the student ID number or the manager can look them up by name.

So, the parent went back to the school and asked if the forms had indeed gone out to the students (after the District confirmed that only ONE school in the entire District in fact had sent the letter out, and it was not the school in question).  The response from the Principal:

As I shared with you over the phone last week when we spoke, the answer to your question is that Kellison (like the other schools) includes the paperwork/forms sent to us by the child nutrition department to include in our new student enrollment packets.  This letter informs parents of the department’s website where one can find a comprehensive list of information about the district’s food service, including the opt-out letter.

Which is very interesting. . .as it is QUITE different from the phone call between the parent and the Principal just days before the above response.   To the Principal: No, we don’t don’t “see what you’re saying”.

**Note: The opt-out form was added to the website after we caught on to them.

Are “Fa Sho”, “Crunk” and “Imma’ ” Accepted Vocabulary Words on the MAP Test? They are in the Ferguson Florissant School District.

Interesting. First, we have the “Run for Recess”, then we discover that the Rockwood School District has digitally fingerprinted our children without consent (of which we are STILL waiting for them to address) , and now this.

Homeschooling is looking better and better everyday!

Missouri Education Watchdog was sent this sweet little ditty:

SUNDAY, APRIL 10, 2011

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know we have questions regarding standardized testing, particularly the MAP test. Many districts have completed one week of the federally mandated tests, while other districts will be starting this week.

The Joplin Globe reports MAP is just starting in Joplin and how intensive the process of the annual testing has become:

At many local school districts, preparation for the MAP goes on all year. The test helps drive curriculum, and students have been taking practice tests throughout the year.

The MAP assesses students at various grade levels in communications arts and mathematics, and gives parents and educators a means to compare students across districts. State and federal agencies in turn use it to grade schools, with implications for accreditation at the state level and for compliance with the No Child Left Behind Act at the federal level.

“It’s a high-stakes test,” Joplin Superintendent C.J. Huff said.

It is high-stakes in terms of the school’s point of view since it can affect accreditation and compliance for NCLB; and how do the schools respond to this pressure? The Globe reports:

West Central Elementary School offered a weekly “boot camp” for its students over several weeks, said Denise Legore, the school’s principal. The students, dubbed “privates,” are led by community members and mentors with either the rank of “sergeant” or “lieutenant.” The children sang in marching cadences and this year wore dog tags. They negotiated an obstacle course where they have to answer a question in order to move on.

I thought this was a bit odd. Children singing in marching cadences to prepare for a test? It apparently doesn’t happen just in Joplin. It’s happening in the Ferguson-Florissant School District as well. I received this question from a mother of a third grader in that district about the “Map Walk” sheet sent home with her child (you can find the words to the “Map Walk” at the beginning of this article):

Someone please read this and tell me what the heck is going on at my child’s school. What kind of grammar is this? And why are they teaching my child this? ….and what does “crunk” mean?

I was stunned at the sheet she referenced. There were misspellings, incorrect grammar, and rap slang being taught to students. I looked up the definition of “crunk”in an online rap dictionary:


To have a good time. Long as everybody get crunk in the drop — Lil Bow Wow (Bounce with me [2000].
To get crazy drunk. Originally, this term comes from the words crazy and funk. As opposed to popular opinion, crunk has had no relation to being coked up and drunk until recently. Because if its similarity of terminal sound with the word drunk many rappers have used it in reference with being crazy and under the influence. This and the intrinsical association with hard partying has brought about its association with alcohol.
A style of music most commonly made by rap artists from the southern states, aka the Dirty South. Some crunk artists (or groups) are Lil’ Jon, Pitbull, Lil’ Scrappy, Trillville, and David Bannerand also [[[lil’joe the prince of Crunk]] n N b o Crunkmusic
At a high level, as in volume: “He got the speakers in the trunk with the bass on crunk.” (Mos Def, from “Mr. Nigga” on Black on Both Sides).

I doubt many mothers of 3rd graders would be elated to see this come home in their child’s backpack. This mom has contacted the superintendent and the State Board of Education to determine if this is accepted educational practice.

I wonder how “boot camp” for MAP preparation is received in Joplin. I hope the cadences used there (I’m still trying to come to terms with this technique) are grammatically correct and don’t teach 3rd graders street jive (courtesy of the Urban Dictionary). Maybe that concerned mother should have her student do the “Map Walk” right out of the classroom when testing time comes around.

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