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MO Lawmaker Wants Mandated Close of Business for Thanksgiving

Heh. I’m really not sure what more to say to this. Missouri House member Jeff Roorda, of Barnhart, wants to BAN businesses from opening early for Black Friday shopping events under what he has dubbed it the “Thanksgiving Family Protection Act.”


Shut the Front Door! What? More government mandation of the private sector? Further attacks on the economy while well-within the downturn of a continuing economic depression?
Whoa! Not to mention the fact that apparently people can not think for themselves.
First of all, a corporation that would REQUIRE any employee to *show up or walk* on Thanksgiving for Christmas shoppers obviously has no understanding of what Christmas is about…aside from their bottom line…and deserves to have employees en masse abandon.
Secondly, maybe there are some folks who would actually prefer to work on Thanksgiving. Consider the gentleman who has watched the rest of his family die off, and faces their first holiday alone? What about the addict who could be pushed over the edge by too much “family time” and pre-plans an honest out?
But what about business owners? You know, job creators? How about we mandate them just a little more to search…not only to infringe upon their rights just another step at a time, but to step on their toes as loudly as possibleo in yet another act if intimidation.

Finally, “Thanksgiving Family Protection Act”??? I’m sorry, pardon me as I wipe the spewed tea off my monitor! Perhaps it is further legislation such as this, that the people and business owners of Missouri need protection from!
Those of us who do not buy into this ridiculous blather understand the meaning of “thanksgiving”, the meaning of “family” and the meaning of “protection” without your pathetic attempt at abusive legislation which flies in the face if every protective Constitutional freedom we have.
Of course, I am being just a bit harsh…after all, what would be left of last-minute Thanksgiving corner runs for the forgotten bread if you didn’t exempt those less worthy of a rightful Thanksgiving celebration with their family… which is solely dependent upon the zoning laws if their place of business.
I mean, come on people! Who is not with Rep Roorda on this?

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Happy Thanksgiving! Best Thanksgiving Video EVER!

To brighten the festivities, a clip of the greatest Thanksgiving publicity stunt ever…straight to you from WKRP Cincinnati.

Happy Thanksgiving – WKRP Turkey Drop – kewego Happy Thanksgiving from! This is a blast from the past, WKRP in Cincinnati Famous Turkey Drop. Sharkhost does not own any copyright to this material. Web host, web design, marketing and promotion.

Note: St Louis Tea Party Coalition decided not to persue this.

Oh, the humanity!

Remembering Our Troops This Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving Eve, as I am frantically baking pies, folding laundry and packing my van to head up to Chicago to spend time with my family, I just stopped and though for a second.  I thought about our Troops, and all of the brave men and women who can not spend tomorrow with their loved ones. The ones who are in a foreign land dedicating their time and well-being for the sake of our freedoms.  I think of all the families who will be sharing a feast with an empty seat at the table. . .because some made the ultimate sacrifice for us.  That’s right, they made that sacrifice for me, for my children, for my parents and siblings.  They made that sacrifice for you.

For our troops, and those left behind, I pray God’s blessings and peace over them, especially tomorrow. . .for I am so very thankful for each one of them!

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